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I've always had a love of music, especially pianos. My family has had a black grand piano in the living room for as long as I can remember. I play it almost every single day, whenever I can. It makes such a sweet, lovely sound.

But recently, I've been hearing the piano's beautiful melody almost constantly, even when I'm not playing it. It speaks to me wherever I am; in the park, at the store, it doesn't matter.

I began to notice, about a week ago, that strange things happened soon after I heard the piano in my head. More specifically, people died. It was on the news quite often; there were many reports of people being stabbed to death by an unidentified killer. I found this fascinating. It was like I had some sort of supernatural power.

But soon, I began to hear the music when I was around close friends and family. Before long, almost everyone I had ever cared about was dead.

Just a few minutes ago, I found my parents dead in their bedroom. I looked down and saw a trail of bloody footprints leading from the bodies to me. In fact, they ended right where I was standing. I can hear the piano again, calling me.

It won't be long, now.

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