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Moving in

I turn around to check my room again, to see if there are any things that I have forgotten to bring down to the truck... silly me, I can see the fancy wooden floor I paid to repair last year, all clean and empty, yet it feels like I have forgotten something... Maybe it's all the memories that I'm leaving behind. But the memories wouldn't be left on the floor, they are much more worth than that. More like on a majestic pedestal... of gold. They are gold-worth.

So what could it possibly be that I am missing? Maybe I just need to let go of this place... I grab
Connemara graveyard III
the last couple of bags and bring them down to the truck, and I take a last glance facade before violently throwing my old green bags of luggage into the trunk in the back of my good old reliable truck, that just happens to be called Mary... it's true, I mean I should know, I named it. When the bags are all in the trunk, I go to the front and open the door to the driver seat, a loud screechy sound is released.

I slowly and comfortably sit down and grab the key and slowly turn it, starting the truck. First try, Mary is tired and does not obey, second try, still sounds as if she's slowly dying as I turn the key, it feels like I'm turning the knife in her stomach. Third try, Mary slowly and desperately tries to cooperate and she's finally up, running. I once again find myself looking at the fine white facade of the building where I, as of now; previously lived.

“Good bye, Los Angeles” I think aloud... I definitely need to let go. I am old now. I am an adult now... at least that's what my father's friends think...

"He-hey, look at you, how you've grown! Aren't you married yet?! Hehahe” I take my keys out of the pocket, and I search for the car keys... found it, old rusty Mary key, or if you will; Mary-keys.

When I was still a kid I used to see my mom use makeup, on the boxes it said with medium sized letters; Mary-Kay... I miss that sight... and I miss mom. I decided to call my keys for Mary keys, so whenever I look at my keys I would remember mom, and her Mary-Kay make-up. I take a look through at the sky through the wind-screen, it's cloudy and raining. I feel chills up my spine, I will have to be sitting inside for quite a while it looks like...

I pass a big sign saying: Sunnytown, what is that name... On the other side I am soon there, at the place where I will maybe live for the rest of my life. Here it is, Sunny street 45, is the address where I will be living... This street, and neighborhood is anything but sunny. As I arrive, the first thing I see is people, looking at me as if I just murdered someone. I slowly raise my hand to wave at the people looking at me, but they just turn around as if I'm pointing a gun at them... I slowly and insecurely lower my hand and look at the people's strange actions, and then they take their kids and run inside. I'm the only one left outside, in the cold autumn rain.

I start moving all my stuff into the house, but I don't like it. I do not like the feeling I get when I enter this house, I need to arrive home and have an “Away is good, but home is best!” feeling when I enter, but I don't. It just doesn't feel right.

This place is haunted, I think for myself, as I giggle. I grab my last couple of bags and garbage out of the car, and look at the sidewalk, it's all worn out and old, it's going to be a nightmare to live here. I give the neighborhood a last disappointed face before I walk into my precious old house. Just crossing the threshold makes me worried. I take a last look through my window to see the beautiful street outside of my window, I notice how all the colors just explode in my vision range... I can't believe this, I have never seen this many shades... of Grey.

I can see Grey... black... and a darker shade of Grey. I sit down in my bed in my little room, the only room in this little house. It has black walls... weird, who paints their walls black in their room. It reminds me of a grave chamber... all the thinking makes me tired, so I go to my room and turn the lights on... or not. There's no lamp. Nothing at all. What the hell, I think for myself. I bring my little reading lamp to the room and turn it on. In the room there's a wardrobe, fortunately enough. Then I notice there's a little red, almost brown liquid trail... what is that?!

I ask myself loudly. I open it up and get struck by a terrible sight; A corpse deformed of what seems to be an... animal, a cat... or maybe a bat... or even a pig, and maggots feasting off of the poor thing. “Fuck” I yell out very loud before I'm able to prevent myself, I put my hand over my mouth as a sign of regret, as if it is going to change anything. Who the hell could have lived here before me, because I don't think the animal would kill itself and hide it's own corpse in the wardrobe... and the blood is still fresh. I'm still in trance of shock because of how I did not get scared by the sight in the wardrobe, it felt more like a surprising feeling than a scary one.

All of this crap makes me tired, and I will not sleep in that room, so I'll just go and make myself comfortable on my little leather couch in the living room, and hope that I will somehow fall asleep.

Valentine's Day

I slowly get myself on my feet and I'm good to go, today I feel better than I did yesterday, and I am ready to conquer the world... or more like trying to survive yet another day in this trash of a “city”. I pull the curtains aside, so the sunshine can enter the room, as it does in the Hollywood movies. But no sunshine enters the room. It's still cloudy and raining.

Eating my breakfast I sit by the table, nervously tapping my pointing finger to the fine oak dinner table in the same rhythm as the cold rain outside hits the facade of my little house in the middle of nowhere. I grab the trash bag that is only half full and take it outside, as I lack in stuff to do. Weirdly enough the trash from yesterday is still here... When do they pick it up?

This time there's no one outside, and the houses look abandoned. “Is this when the weirdos go on vacation?” I ask myself. I leave the trash on the sidewalk since I have nowhere else to put it, there's no bin... I decide to take a walk and see where everybody has gone, but before I even start walking I notice a huge container on the other side of the road, just about 50 feet away, so let's get rid of this trash, I grab both bags and rush over to the other side, and when I'm already there I take my time to take a look at the other houses in the neighborhood that I haven't seen yet, they all seem small and dark... and abandoned.

As I get closer to the big brown container, I start feeling this extremely gross smell, I've never felt anything like it, and the strength of it increases as I get closer to the big container. As I approach the container, I drop one of the bags as the smell turns impossible to handle, and instead I use that one free hand to hold my nose as I throw the trash into the container.

As I approach the container I take a look at it's content I drop the bags I am holding and I'm left breathless and speechless. After 2 minutes of being frozen in place, I can finally hear a little whisper coming out of my throat, and exiting my mouth; “Fuck”. Yet more dead stuff... but more this time, it's almost as if the corpses are piled on each other, one on another, I can't scream, I can't make a sound... it's almost if someone is holding me in place, and holding my mouth very tightly to prevent me from making any sound. He, she or it had a hard grasp of me, there was no way out, I could just stare at the piled up corpses and not make a sound.

That explains the smell... Finally it lets me go, and I fall backwards and almost sit down on the ground, as I can't feel my legs. I desperately reach out and try to get a hold of the sidewalk with my dirty weak hands, as I pull myself towards the other side of the street and to my house, I notice the people standing around the container staring at me... looking so... dead, and I can feel my fingers getting severely bruised and my nails ripping off as I keep crawling. I successfully reach my nest and I reach out with my arm towards the door, and onto the handle, and I pull it downwards with all of my strength, it takes a couple of tries until I finally get the door open, I slowly pull myself up, and try to tell myself that everything is going to be alright. It is not.

That's when I notice the little oddly shaped piece of dirty paper just under the door, inside of the house... it's almost as if a 2-year old kid tried to cut a... heart-shaped... valentine's card? I pick it up and tell myself one last time that I am just hallucinating, and that this is not really happening, I slowly and carefully open the poorly folded, dirty paper, almost falling apart in my hands as I look at it. Inside with a horrible handwriting it says, very unclearly; You are next I rush onto my bed and I just jump onto it, as I used to do as a kid, watching the Olympics when the swimmers jump into the water, I also did, it made me feel good at something... special... but the difference is that now I am freaked out... and I'm not cheering at any team. I take my hands and put them around my knees and as I for my body into a big ball, and then I swing back... and forth... and back... and forth, almost as they do in movies... when they go insane. I'm not going insane... I hope.


I wake up after a night of terrible sleep. Today I am go right at it. I run to the living room, where my car-keys are and I pick them up, then I run out to the truck, open the door to the driver seat, and then I sit down and quickly try to put it in, and I just end up making lots of noise and leaving marks around the keyhole, as I desperately keep trying to stick the keys in, and start the car. After two minutes of struggling I finally get Mary to sound as I want her to, and I push Mary to the limit, putting the pedal to the floor, not even minding the brake.

As I try to find my way out through this big maze of houses, I get to the entrance, where I entered Sunnytown just two days ago... but there's something wrong, there is a fence around... as far as the eye can see! Which I do not remember seeing just two days ago. Now I'm really getting scared. I lunge myself out of the pickup and start pushing and pulling the fence... it's impossible. It's made not to be broken through. I drop to the ground and sit down, and I let a tear slip down my face... a tear of despair. I stand up, and I take the keys, I start the truck, and I desperately rush home. We need to make a plan.

I take my big world map, and I start looking at USA... but this is not going very good, Sunnytown seems to be quite a small place, in the middle of nowhere, there's no way we're going to find it on the world map. I grab my old USA map, over the entire USA and I start looking, I whisper “Sunnytown, Sunnytown, where are you?” as a sign of despair. But... there is no town called “Sunnytown”... I can look for ages, but there is no damn city called that! I accidentally see this place called Sunnytown... burial site?!

This cannot be... I cannot be... living on a burial site?! I pick my laptop up and I Google “Sunnytown” as I get no result, I add “burial site” As I press the enter button I get hundreds of thousands of hits, and I don't know where to start reading, so I just pick up sentences from the middle of the stories that I find useful... and what I find leaves me in a trance of shock. _______________________________________________________________________

“...As a testing site for the government it is highly secure and protected. No civilians are known to have witnessed anything of what has been going on at the burial site for many years...”

“...The rumors say that “Sunnytown” as we are not very commonly hearing about today, is a testing site of the government...tests that involve humans... living humans...”

“...Are we really supposed to believe what people say about the “Sunnytown burial site”... or will the knowledge hurt us...?”

"...There are rumors that the hot theme, “Sunnytown burial site” is a highly isolated testing ground for the government only, but that the tests involve people, who are alive.People also say that they call the “torturing and/or grave chambers for Sunny Street 1-14...”


I did not finish that sentence, as I got interrupted by a violent sick feeling, that was soon accompanied by chills up my spine. I live inside of a grave chamber. I stand still for a minute while the cold autumn breeze bites my shoulder... What have I gotten myself into? I stand still as the cold wind makes me feel like a stone. A stone, that has been thrown away far, far away... a worthless stone. Then it hits me. I run out of my house and I run across the street looking into every house that I pass, one after one... Inside of them I see people... living people, but they don't look normal. They look as if they've risen from the dead. I look into a big window that has a crack on it, a big one.

I try to see through layers of crushed glass, as my attempts of getting any kind of vision fail, I desperately run my arm across the window in an attempt to “polish” it. As I get the ability to actually see through the glass I notice how there are these eyes inside... staring at me. I fall backwards and hit my head on the window of the little house behind me and I hear lots of glass fall to the ground as I cover my head with my arms. I peek through my fingers to see if the coast is clear... it seems like it. I stand up and I shake the dirt off my clothes and as my eyes rise towards the window that I just ruined, my eyes get met, by another couple of eyes... and yet another... there were 4 pairs of eyes, which equals four people. Four people standing, staring into my eyes. The gaze burns.

I raise my hand up again, trying to say hello, and since they do not answer I turn my back to them in an attempt to flee, but I run into a family of three... three things, I do not see the early enough to stop myself from crashing into them and being thrown onto the wet ground beneath us... me and them. I turn quickly turn around and start crawling in another direction, but the exit is blocked! “They're everywhere!” I scream loud. I am trapped, and the creatures keep going closer and closer, and my chances to escape are getting smaller and smaller, until they finally reach... the point of no return. The creatures are ripping my clothes apart, and I can feel them penetrating my skin with their long nails, and they start chewing on body parts, a darkness closes around me, and I slowly fall into a deep sleep... of eternity.

“Alright, people, time to leave.” you hear a dark voice saying in the background as the creatures drop their disguises. Masks are falling to the ground, together with the rest of the costumes.

Out of the disguises come normal people, and they walk out of the scene, and get handed a big envelope by big men in black suits, meanwhile you can hear the dark voice again; “Take your money and get out of here”. Sounds of metal doors opening and closing are heard and echo through the site. The lights are turned off and everything turns pitch black... and quiet.

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