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Log 1 August 1, 2011

A child was brought into today to the lab today.  He was hit by a car....his arm was missing and also his legs were crushed by the car as well they are going to have to be surgically remove before we begin the experiment.

Both of the boys parents were also hit by the car but were killed on impacted unlike the boy.  We will have to begin the experiment soon before the boy passes away I doubt he will survive but I must treat him like the others.  So this is my journal on Subject 13.

Log 2 August 5, 2011

The surgery was a success the boy's DNA is now being work on. If the DNA alter goes well the boy will have new abilities and will be another successful experiment just like Subject 1, but hopefully not as dangerous.  I will be keeping track of what abilities subject 13 can do also the similarities between Subject 13 and Subject 1.  All I can do now is pray that boy pulls through.

Log 3 August 10, 2011

THE DNA ALTER WAS A SUCCESS! Subject 13 looks like a Subject 1 with the pure white body... but this time he has eyes but still has no nose or no mouth. His eyes are pure black which looks like they do not reflect any light they are just empty no soul what so ever.

Subject 13 is in it's room waiting for testing and observing. So far as I can see his arm has not grown back, neither has his legs. If he is anything like Subject 1 his limbs will be able to grow back. Also he has not shown any signs of being hostile unlike Subject 1. 

Log 4 August 20, 2011

Subject 13's arm has grown back... but it is very odd it's arm is bigger than the other also the hand of his arm is huge, it also has claw like fingers which seem very dangerous we will have to watch out as we handle Subject 13. Subject 13 has found a way to use his ability of camouflage...

It can turn its self into like grass and become one with the grass of it's surroundings. This behavior is like Subject 1 who manage to become part of a near by tree but this is also a very dangerous ability because Subject 1 use it to stalk and severally or kill its prey. 

Log 5 August 31, 2011

Subject 13's abilities is just as dangerous as Subject 1. Yesterday Subject 13 touched me and on contact of his smaller hand, I was instantly knock unconscious. I was stuck in a dream state where I was seeing in the distance what look like subject 13. Subject 13 quickly turn into the grass.

I quickly braced myself for a sneak attack instead it grabbed me and I heard a voice in the air.

"I will always be in your dreams... you will pay for my suffering Doctor Smith." said the voice.

All the sudden I was awaken by another Doctor at the lab subject 13 was chained to the wall. It was staring me straight in the eyes I could feel his pain and depression all the sudden. Subject 13 must be killed...

Log 6 October 10, 2011

Now that I have return after what happen on August 31st, Subject 13 has been locked up to keep everyone safe....I knew they would refuse to kill him.  He can use the grass and other said a friend of mine at the lab. As we walked up to the holding cell that is holding Subject 13 another doctor opens the door all the sudden Subject 13 comes out lashing at the doctor with his claws on his big arm.

Cuts the doctors throat blood is fling across the room. We throw him back in the cell as fast as we can. We try to save the doctor as his blood started to make a pool he kept coughing the blood on my face. All the sudden a Image flash in my head of my family lying dead on the floor my wife's head cut clean off. My daughter was completely gutted with her intestines wrap around her body. On the floor in the middle of them written in blood.."13 is watching". 

Log 7 October 31, 2011

Subject 13 has escaped....He destroyed the lab is now on the lose. He has killed all the doctors but me...Subject 1 returned, he was wearing a suit...him and 13 started a fight which caused a massive explosion when they hit the gas line.

Subject 1 has tentacles which he used to strangle 13, until 13 stabbed him with the claws he had. The fight ended with subject 1 and 13 disappearing. I will Devote my life on hunting Subject 13. If anyone hears this please respect my warning do not go into the woods they will get you and they will make your life hell or kill I speak they are probably watching you now waiting to strike.

If you ever find yourself alone at night if you think your safe at home remember this subject 13 has no limits he will visit you in your dreams and will kill everyone you care about. He is ruthless. He will eventually kill you slowly with using your most fearful way to die...

He has already claimed my family and friends now it is time to stop him. Subject 13 and Subject 1 are at war they will most likely be in the same area together so stay inside at night...they will be out there waiting for each other and waiting for their prey. YOU ARE THE PREY AND YOU WILL BE HUNTED. 

Remember 13 is watching..

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