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As you crawl through the rugged cave, you think to yourself, “I can do this. It's not so bad." The hole you're crawling through is unbelievably small, small enough that your body can only just fit. Turning around is not an option; the winding turns you crawl through make it nearly impossible to crawl backwards. The flashlight is what’s separating you from complete darkness, your guiding light. Your flashlight is about to run out of batteries, but it’s okay, your friend crawling behind you has more than enough. According to your friend's calculations, you're only two hundred yards in with two hundred more to go. Your friend is an avid outdoorsman who loves exploring caves, so there’s definitely nothing that can go wrong, right?

“Hurry up! You move like my grandmother,” he yells.

At this point, you notice the hole you're crawling down seems to be getting smaller. Your friend tries to be funny and pushes you forward, knowing you're not used to this sort of experience.

You're stuck. The hole is way too small. You try to wiggle your way through, but there’s no use. The rock walls you're stuck between press against your gear, making it harder to breathe. Then you hear a groaning sound coming from behind you and your friend.

It gets louder, louder, and louder.

Your friend screams a blood-curdling cry, a scream no man should ever make, as he is dragged violently back through the cave in the blink of an eye. You hear his screams carrying farther and farther away.

Your flashlight dies.

Credited to Anonymous 

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