Many of you have probably never heard of the Cops spin off show titled:

"Street Patrol"

The show was created by Cops executive producers who wanted a more "believable" more police procedural reality show. In the beginnings of the shows run it was criticized as being "boring" and not as exciting as Cops. However people failed to recognize that this was the point of the show all along. It aired, debuting on truTV, in the beginning of its run but was quickly cast aside and sent to G4 television studios.

Many people credit this to poor ratings and basically a lame concept. People closest to the shows running's might tell you a different story, the real reason the show was quickly canned is far more sinister than we were all led to believe.

I was an intern with Turner broadcasting, (a Time Warner company). I was living in the ATL at the time so I was stationed at truTV's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. That's my backstory and you can probably determine how this all went down.

There were talks of trying to save the show, its ratings were at a record low, and everyone working on the project feared the worst inevitable outcome was cancellation.

The show as some of you may know is made up of old Cops footage that didn't make the cutting room floor. It was deemed uneventful and didn't have the action people grew to love from Cops so it was handed down to us. So when it came time to preview the last ditch effort the show was going to put forth, there was much excitement in the air. Morgan Langley & John Langley were especially excited and even sat with us in the preview room as the tape started.

I noticed how uneasily excited they both were. They had been so upset in the days before it was strange to see them so thrilled even with their show on the brink of cancellation, yet they kept an almost sadistic smile as the opening credits played.

There were 10 of us, all about the same age, roughly between 20-25, I was the youngest at 20. The room was basically a small conference room, the table we sat at was long and had chairs set up like at an office meeting, with the projector screen in front of us. John and Morgan stood in the back.

After the intro played we noticed that this footage was a lot more grainy than previous shows, it must've been really early footage from Cops' beginning. It wasn't odd to see such old footage but it was in such bad shape, it jumped a lot. There was sound, barely audible mumblings of the two police officers on the screen, they appeared to be walking through an old warehouse of some sort. Either the footage was just really bad or the camera guy was literally shaking, his hands so unsteady. Other interns were complaining of motion sickness.

The show rolled on.

The audio jumped all of a sudden, spiking through our ears like an ice pick falling against a chalkboard. It was bad. One female intern screamed loudly and the rest of us let off a cry. I was intrigued because our editors were normally very good about this, it seemed almost amateurish in the way it was cut together. Nonetheless it was unsettling.

Morgan and John stood in the back of the room chuckling to themselves. The show went on and the camera man seemed to be coughing and complaining of some "smell". The other officers, I noticed, now had their weapons drawn. The footage was ranging in and out of focus, one second it was color the next it was black and white, sound continued to drop in and out and I was getting restless, along with the rest of the interns. I was just about to get up and leave but then the officers began moving a shelf of some kind, behind it, a door.

The sound came into focus and the officers were debating whether to call for back up or enter the door. The camera man was pleading that they called in first.

They decided that "time was of the essence" and tried the door, it wouldn't budge. The male officer kicked at it but to no avail. It must've been reinforced with steel or something, I don't know. That always seemed to work in the movies and I was surprised it didn't this time.

I heard John in the back whisper,

"Here we go..."

The officers tried their radios but they weren't picking up any frequencies. The male officer decided to go back outside to the squad car he said, to get better connection. The female and camera man stayed behind. They stood there talking, when the door slowly creaked open. The women interns shouted at this, letting out a little squeal of surprise. I felt chills roll down my back.

The officer looked at the camera and decided they would enter. Morgan in the back chuckled I looked back at the two of them and they waived to me to keep watching. I wish I hadn't. The camera man puked as they entered the room, The officer entered first, she cleared the room and that's when the camera followed behind. The light switch flicked up but no light came on so the camera man turned on the night vision on the camera.

Hanging from the rafters of the roof were naked women, bloody and cut up, some looked fresh blood still dripping from the corpses others seemed rotting away, however it was harder to see details with the night vision.

A couple of interns ran out of the room.

The camera man began screaming but the female officer couldn't see any of it, she was blind in the dark, she bumped into the first corpse and intestines fell out onto her head, she fell down and screamed out of shock, disgust and confusion. The camera man was screaming at the top of his lungs at something we couldn't see. The officer began firing wildly as we saw a figure move behind a body. The camera turns to the door, it shut violently.

John and Morgan were in the back of the room laughing hysterically.

Suddenly all is quite besides the sobbing of the camera man. He's waiving the camera around the room and the female officer is nowhere to be seen. He begins walking around the room calling for her, he calls her name a couple times and then shrieks quite loudly as we see her, shirt torn open and a man standing over her seemingly biting into her flesh.

She's convulsing wildly her gun raised in the air, it's clicking but she's out of ammo.

The door begins to bang from the outside, the male officer is screaming for them to open the door the camera man turns away and faces the door when he turns back the man attacking the officer is gone. At this point there were only about four of us left in the room besides John and Morgan. They were still standing in the back laughing maniacally, that on top of the show itself was the most disturbing of the whole situation. I remember it vividly the way they laughed each time one of us screamed, or groaned from the gore. I wanted out of this room, but maybe more, on some sick level I needed to see how it ended.

The camera man is sobbing loudly begging for the officer to break down the door, to save him. He begins praying in Spanish. A gun shot is heard and it seems the officer on the outside is trying to shoot his way into the room, it isn't working. The camera man is running around the room as grunts are heard from all over the room.

He comes to the officer's body, amazingly she is still conscious tears are strolling down her face as she is still trying to fire her empty weapon. Then her eyes grow wide and she drops the gun and points behind the camera man. As he turns the man is standing behind him. He head butts the camera and it falls. The officer continues to scream and bang on the door from the outside as the camera man is shrieking in pain seemingly being savagely attacked by the man.

The attack stops and the camera is picked up off the floor. The camera closes in on the female officer, her eyes a blank dead stare, one tear still streaming down her cheek. She was pretty.

The camera turns to a body on the floor, a chubby man with a black goatee, his stomach is torn open intestines splayed over the floor and his corpse. His face is locked in a grimace. The camera beings to walk to the door, the officer is heard on the outside sobbing it seems. A hand reaches out and opens the door. The officer is standing there crying.

He then screams, "Get on the floor!"

The camera is thrown into his face and he falls, letting off a few shots from the weapon. The camera shows a man on top of the officer savagely attacking him. The attack stops, the man looks into the camera.

He smiles and waives at it, and the footage ends.

As the end credits play the lights to the room turn on the few of us left in the room are left wondering what exactly we just saw. Was it a hoax? Was it real? John and Morgan give an applause at their work. They look at us, at all of us and they say:

"Complaints of ratings will surely end after this hits the air tonight."

One of the interns is crying. John and Morgan left the room after.

As far as I know only a few other people, executives at the corporation, saw the episode. They burned the footage, or so we were told. John and Morgan were asked to step down as show runners, at least until things around the office cooled down. We were threatened with lawsuits and our internships if we told of what we saw.

I left the company a week later, I couldn't handle it. I don't know what happened to the other interns, all I know is I still have questions I want answered. Where was this footage taken? How was it found? Why was it made? One thing is for sure.

I'm sure as hell glad it was taken off the air...