If you are the type who eats out regularly, a stranger might join you at the table one day. This stranger will always appear to be of your age and sex, and he/she will only appear if you are alone.

No matter what style of restaurant it is, they will always be carrying their own plate of food. After a few seconds, they will look directly at you and say, "You seem like an interesting person. May I know you better?"

Say yes and they will begin to ask you questions about yourself in-between bites. These questions will be innocuous enough at first; what your name is, what you do for a living, and so forth. Should you open your mouth to answer, you will be forced to tell the truth, even if you do not consciously know what the truth is. Remain silent and the stranger will scowl at you, pick up their plate, and leave. You will never see them again.

If you do indulge their questions, however, they will grow darker and darker as the food leaves their plate, and it will become harder and harder to resist answering. Do not attempt to leave the table before they do under any circumstances. When their plate is clean, they will stand up to leave, but not before asking you one last, irresistible question: "What would drive you to take your own life?"

You will be instantly aware that you will be able to lie in response to this one question, and I suggest you do, for whatever you describe will come to pass within the week.

Those who are canny may use this chat to gain whatever they desire, but know that if the happenstance you name does not drive you to suicide, the stranger will start guessing as to what will.

...  and consider how much he now knows about you.