Mirror ghost by aiden100-d33j10o

People always kept telling me that I was unusual, disconcerting or even weird.

They just don't seem to understand.

It's OK, since, of course, they can't.

No one can, because they did not see what I saw and they do not know what I know.

The horrifying, dirty, unvarnished truth that I have been trying to keep locked for all those endless years now.

Have you ever looked into a mirror?

Have you ever wasted a thought on what's behind them?

Certainly not, because there's nothing.

That's what everyone knows.

So, you pass by those bare surfaces.


Every day.

Therefore, innumerable incidents occur in front of them.

They may be boring, embarrassing, intimate, or even dangerous, because they could show observers things that they were never supposed to see.

But you don't care, because you keep telling yourself that no one's watching.

That you're safe.

That no one's going to rob your innermost secrets.

Because they're just mirrors.

Bare surfaces with nothing behind.

Simply reflecting.

But you did not see what I saw and you do not know what I know.

They're just mirrors.

Empty glasses with nothing behind.

Simply reflecting.