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Creepy school

"Come on!"

The little girl sang to her friend who was barely able to keep up as she kept going over broken and burnt beams.

“You’re running too fast."

The other girl whined. She had an uneasy feeling coming through here, she did not want to visit her old school.

It had burned down and was now haunted by the poor other children and teachers who were trapped inside at the time.

"And you're running too slow, Daisy! If you're not careful Spinning Samatha will get you!"

The girl giggled speaking the last part and creepy way as to make her friend Daisy nervous.

“Who on earth is ‘Spinning Samatha’ huh, Lilith?"

Daisy pouted slightly at her friend and put her hands on her hips while raising a brow.

"Well, you heard about all the kids that died in the fire, right? Spinning Samatha use to be just plain old Samatha, but when she was in the napping room, they all ran out of the room without her and then the door got blocked.

She kept spinning around in a circle trying to find a way out and then, a beam fell down on her and killed her. They say if you go into the napping room and start spinning uncontrollably, that she will come out and torture you and then scorch you to a crisp!"

Lilith looked at Daisy very seriously but had a flashlight in her hand to make her look creepy.

“That’s not funny, Lilith, knock it off,” Daisy whined at her friend again feeling a bit nervous and yanked the flash light from Lilith.

"And by the way, that whole flash light thing only works if it’s night time,"

Daisy said with a huff.

"Even still, it's true! Kids have gone there and never came back! Don't you remember Tommy? He still hasn't been found yet!" Lilith frowned at Daisy stomping her feet lightly and pouted at her flashlight getting taken away from her.

“Yes I remember him, but that doesn't mean that ‘Spinning Samatha’ got him,"

Daisy pinched Lilith's cheek and crossed her arms again looking around a bit nervously despite her words.

"Fine, believe what you want. But don't cry to me when you find out she's real."

Lilith huffed slightly and grabbed her friend's hand, dragging her forward with her. Lilith dragged her around the school and stopped suddenly near the napping room and saw something in the burnt ashes of the room, something shiny. So she took Daisy in with her into the room looking around to see what it was.

"Lilith, I don't like being in here. It's giving me the creeps," Daisy said shifting around uncomfortably and stood still just in case, rubbing her arm.

"Well we can leave, it was just a shiny piece of plastic."

Lilith sighed and dusted the ash off of her hands standing up. "Good, even if I don't want to admit there is for sure something wrong with this room," Daisy felt really uneasy and flinched slightly seeing her friend start spinning around slowly.

"Lili? What are you doing? That's not funny," Daisy gulped sounded shaky and took a step back from her friend raising a brow at her. Lilith was unable to speak but starting silently crying and there was a look of intense fear on her face as she tried to mouth the word "run" to her friend. Daisy's eyes widened with fear and started shaking her head violently and started crying trying to get her friend to stop spinning.

"RUN! "

Lilith managed to scream through her tortured throat even though it came out hoarse and she shoved her friend away knowing there was no stopping it now. Daisy again shook her head but then ran out of the room as fast as should could heading for the exit of the building and noticed the walkie-talkie she always had with her was crackling with life, Lilith had the other one and she could hear it. There were the tortured cries of her best friend and unnatural sounds coming from it.

The crackling of objects being set aflame was also heard. Lilith looked up at Samatha's burnt face. What was left of it was blackened. She could feel Samatha's nails in her flesh tearing at it and ripping it causing blood to cover her dress and hands as she cried and screamed in pain before she was engulfed in flames and could feel it licking at her skin while hearing Samatha say the words, "How dare you leave me to die!"

Daisy couldn't take it and ripped out the batteries from the walkie-talkie running as fast as she could finally get out of the building but didn't stop she didn't stop until her legs buckled from the pain landing underneath a tree and wept uncontrollably.

They destroyed the building and the land was never sold out of fear. Many years later, Daisy was fully grown and was sitting up in her room alone with her husband downstairs cooking breakfast. She walked up to the calendar noticing the date, recalling that it was the anniversary of Lilith's death. She remembered it all too well, she sighed and sat down holding her old walkie-talkie that she kept, she never put batteries back in it for the fear that she would hear her friend’s screams once more.

She held it close as she shed a single tear and then, she heard something from it, a voice; Lilith's voice. "I-I miss y-you, Daaaisy" The walkie-talkie said in Lilith's voice and then Daisy burst out crying loudly and curled into a ball on the floor stuttering the words "I miss you too," over and over again until her husband came up running.

"What happened?!"

Daisy's husband shouted and he kneeled down to his wife comforting her and trying to get her to stop crying. After intense sobbing she finally was able to speak but looked up at her husband in fear speaking with a hoarse voice, "I-I heard it, i-it was Lilith. S-She died ages a-ago."

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