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It doesn't matter if your hell is a frozen battlefield, or a burning terror. Either way, death is simply a concept created by man, who were not able to understand that sentience is the result of chemicals, but that the end of these chemicals is such an odd idea. There is no such thing as isolation, nor abandonment. Some things are occult to our modern knowledge. There was always a truth lurking in our minds, waiting for us to step out of our shell to greet it. After doing so, knowledge is our gift. Our race advances. Those who are willing to step out of normality become heroes. It is simply history.

Through human history, our greatest periods of progression were made by people who went against the normal beliefs of their time. Always made by those who understood Earth wasn't all of reality, that we were part of an infinitely larger scale.

Galileo didn't birth observational astronomy by praying. Aristotle didn't create the geocentric model whilst holding a symbol of Zeus. Philolaus didn't come up with the idea of everything being part of a limitless, yet limiting combination that came together to form the universe while sacrificing his time to Ares.

These are people whom looked outside the normal thought patterns of their day to uncover an undying truth that changed human history. Today, our thought patterns are just as organised. When we embrace the normality of the largest religion, we simply suppress our inner explorer.

Without what was occult and unacceptable at the time, Galileo, Aristotle, and Philolaus wouldn't have become icons of scientific law. I also suppose Aristotle wouldn't have trained Alexander the Great, Philolaus wouldn't have been killed for suspicion of wanting to be a tyrant, and Galileo wouldn't have been condemned. Apparently the most enlightened are also the most tormented.

Step outside the normality of religion and modern philosophy. Find what is fact, and what will change humanity forever. When you die, you will speak the truth, just as the men before you have. Your body will speak the truth, regardless if you are in it or not.

You will speak of the Devil.

Written by ShawnCognitionCP
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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