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In 2007, I lived in South Haven, a small town in Indiana home to the Wolfe, a mansion-like house that is claimed to be haunted. The story goes that in the early 1900's, a man who owned the house enslaved his wife and children. He beat them often, saying, "Look around and see if you can find a place to hide!" One day, he eventually killed his family, then hanged himself in the bell tower immediately afterwards.

I was very young - about seven years old - when I lived in the Haven at that time. One summer night, I laid upstairs in my sister's room in my house three blocks away from the Wolfe. I fell asleep quickly, only to wake up to the most emotionally disturbing moment of my life.

I woke up frightened, for reasons I cannot understand. I looked up and heard a stranger's voice saying, "Look around and hide!" Being a young child, I used my standard defense mechanism; pull the blankets over my head. The blanket had fallen on the floor, and when I reached down frantically to pick it up, the blanket was so heavy that I might as well have been trying to lift dumbbells. I called my sister's name, but no sound came from my mouth. I felt like crying, but no tears were shed.

Then, mortifying, unfamiliar muffled children's screams filled the air. This lasted for minutes before everything stopped. I wanted to run to my parents' room, but I couldn't move my body. I was literally paralyzed with fear, for the first time I could remember.

Then came the worst part — a woman, dressed in a red and white dress, walked into the doorway and passed out. I looked up in shock to see that she wasn't there anymore. Was she a ghost?

Last week, my friend told me of a dream he had when he lived in that same town. He said he too, was frightened in it and was searching for a place to hide from someone in an unfamiliar house.

That practically knocked me off of my feet. Today, I feel certain that the man of Wolfe mansion, or the Wolfe demon as I call him, haunts not only the Wolfe but the entire town of South Haven, searching for vulnerable children to abuse and hurt just as he did while he was alive.

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