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I finally worked up the courage to talk about the horror of 2003. It was a rainy Monday in June so I was stuck inside all day. I decided to train my team on Ruby for a bit. I turned on the game and ran to the Pokémon Center to see who I should train. I found a Pokémon in my PC that I didn't recall catching. It was a Nincada and the strange thing was its name was VOID. I then had an urge to train it.

I went to Victory Road since the Pokémon in the wild should be strong enough to level up. I had five Pokémon with me. My level 80 Swampert, my level 70 Salamence, my level 50 Milotic, my level 55 Rhydon, and of course, my level 19 Nincada. I encountered a wild, level 36 zubat. I sent out my Swampert since I gave my Nincada exp share. I easily defeated the Zubat and gained enough exp to evolve my Nincada to level 20. After the battle was over, my Nincada started to evolve. The screen then explained how VOID evolved into Ninjask. I went to check my party to see it's stats and to admire it. That is when I met Shedinja. I found a shiny Shedinja in my sixth party slot so I checked it out. It had a creepy nickname. It said its nickname was SOULSUCKER. I never gave it a nickname.

I knew something was wrong. I checked the Pokedex and read Shedinja's entry: SHEDINJA's hard body doesn't move - not even a twitch. In fact, its body appears to be merely a hollow shell. It is believed that this POKéMON will steal the spirit of anyone peering into its hollow body from its back. I felt a feeling that I should not send it into battle as I would see its back. I then decided to save and turn the game off. The next day I told my friend what had happened. He thought I just forgot nicknaming it. He asked to play my system. I wish at the time I regreted handing it over to him as that moment would be one that I would never forget.

He checked out its status and read the Pokedex info on Shedinja. He decided to use it in battle. The battle screen came up and then he could see Shedinja's back. I heard him say, "This... i-it can't be. It says Shedinja wants your soul." I looked at the screen and it was normal. Then I heard him say, "It says Shedinja is hungry." I looked at the screen and nothing was there.

He then screamed and I saw the screen turn white. My friend then sat there staring at the wall lifelessly. I tried to talk to him but he said nothing like he had no soul. My friend got worse. He went to therapy but it didn't help at all. I was to afraid to play Ruby after that so I broke the game cartridge by running it over with my car. I went to see if my friend got any better and then when there was no answer at his door, I tried to open it and it was unlocked. I saw him lying on the floor dead.

Then on the walls in his blood was written: "I TOOK YOUR FRIEND'S SPIRIT. HE HAD SUCH A GOOD SPIRIT THAT IT IS A SHAME HE HAD TO GO..."

I never played another copy of Ruby since that day.

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