"Sleep... Sleep... Sleep" you repeatedly tell yourself, though you know Mr.Sandman won't be stopping by your apartment tonight. You stare at the ceiling, processing all the information in your environment, and you realize it's deathly hot. You rise out of your bed so you can open the nearest window, "CRRREEEAK" your body pushes down against the polished wood floorboard.

You oddly enough find yourself very paranoid, an unexplainable sense of dread. You continue though, trying to push unpleasant thoughts out of your mind, and think of more pleasant ones. Remember when you where in that restaurant back when you were ten and you accidentally spilled water all over your sibling? Yeah, that was hilarious... You stop involuntarily to see ahead of you the window, after what seemed like an eternity you've finally made it. Slowly, you push the window open, trying to be careful not to wake anyone in the complex, and then it hits you.

That sense of dread has washed over you again. You begin to look around, but you see absolutely nothing. This calms your nerves a bit, so you head off back to your bed. Every rickity step you take feels so cold, you turn around.

The wind is hitting the back of your neck, almost as if it's trying to draw you closer to the window. You contemplate turning around and investigating, but you don't. Your own body is pushing you NOT to go anywhere near the window, but curiosity gets the best of you, and you begin to turn around. Cold air hitting your face repeatedly, the soothing thought of fresh air, and the urge to see what awaits draws you in.

Step by step you walk towards the window, "Is the room getting bigger?" you begin to think, as the cold begins to get unbearable. You've finally completed your descent and arrived at the window. Your body urges you to turn around, though you disregard any thoughts. And then it hits you. Your falling out of your 6th story apartment. You scream as loud as you can, but you know nothing can save you now.

You look up one last time, and you see a very clear figure. It looks like a very small man, comprised of blowing winds. He walks away... those senses of paranoia? That was the cold drawing you in, your body told you to turn around because you were perceiving all of this with your eyes, not with your mind. And as you fall you realise... the feel of soothing winds hitting your face feels so good...