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Welcome to Life®.
Soon to be life after death

We regret to inform you that your previous existence ended on January 22, 2027 following a road traffic accident. However, your consciousness was successfully uploaded to the Life® thanks to your primary care provider. You may be experiencing some confusion, but please remain calm. Life® contains over-

Your mental state is currently being adjusted in order to calm you. Please do not be alarmed.


Life® contains over 50,000 unique activities, networking with other Life® users, and the ability to connect with non-Life® users. Please accept the terms and conditions given to you. Your attention is especially needed at section 2: Usage Rules and Limitations, Section 9: Privacy, and Section 11: Restricted Mental Activities.

[Accept] [Decline]

[Accept] [Decline]

Thank you. Please select a Life® plan.

  • Tier one is our premium option, allowing unlimited simulation of your pre-terminal state. It allows unlimited modification of your body, accelerated learning and recall, and full personal backup utilities.
  • Tier two is our advertisers preferred option. It contains many of the options found in tier one, but at a significantly lower cost. Some areas of the environment, such as the sky, may be replaced with targeted advertising, and your personal brand preferences may be altered to allow those of our sponsors.
  • Tier three is our value offering. Thanks to our commercial partners, your experience in this tier is unlimited. However, some activities, senses, and visual rendering options will be subject to our Fair Use policy. More complicated mental processes, such as subconscious creativity and self-awareness, may be rate-limited or disabled at times of server overload.

[Tier one] [Tier two] [Tier three]

! Credit Check Failed !

[Tier one] [Tier two] [Tier three]

Thank you. Your stored mind contains one or more patents that contravene with those of the Prevention Crime of Terrorist Act of 2022. Please stand by while we adjust these patterns. Your stored mind contains 124,564 pieces of copyrighted works. In order to continue remembering these copyrighted works, a licensing fee of $18,000 per month is required. Would you like to continue remembering these works?

[Yes] [No]

! You have insufficient funds to any financial reserves to pay this fee !

[Yes] [No]

Thank you. Please stand by.

Deleting copyrighted works.


Welcome to Life®. Do you wish to continue?

[Yes] [No]

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