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Japanese folk have a long history of participating in activities that are considered voodoo. Be it feeding the livers of dead prisoners to military sergeants during world war two, to raping twenty thousand women in one month, nothing has ever seemed to be out of the comfort zone for the Japanese. The Japanese government also has a record for hiding events from their people. (Think of Tiannaman Square in China.) This is not said from a racist standpoint. To this day, no formal apology from the Japanese government has been issued to the United Nations for the acts they committed. No signs of remorse have been given from any of the Governmental personnel in Japan. This is a definitive statement, except for one girl. This girl's name was Soni Mod.

Soni Mod

Soni Mod was a young girl who grew up in Tokyo Japan for the better part of her life. She was born on June 26th, 1934 Hideki Tojo who was the supreme general for Imperial army during world war two, was the father of this girl. He resented her being that she was the result of an affair she had with a comfort woman. A comfort woman was a way of saying prostitute. These women were government issue women designed specifically to have sex with Japanese soldiers during a time of war. Comfort women had been around for some time, but were made popular during World War II.

She was born in Tokyo, Japan. The exact hospital is currently unknown and still being researched. The nurses who helped deliver Soni when she came out of the womb reported her crying as something demonic, or the worst noise they had ever heard. The mother of Soni shortly died after birth. Naturally, babies are born with a color of eyes called slate, which resembles blue. The doctors were astounded and shocked when they noticed this young baby having entirely red eyes. Her eyes had no pupil, no iris, no cornea. Her eyes were two solid lumps of red. Her skin was a grotesque and frightening paper white color. At first the doctors wanted to perform scientific experiments on this baby, but Tojo opted she be left alone. Tojo also opted that she be given a different last name than Tojo, henceforth she was given the last name of Mod.

Three days after her birth a nurse went to feed Soni, and noticed her eyes were green, and that she had a full set of teeth. Babies with full sets of teeth were not common, but not unheard of. Although, babies who have been reported to have full sets of teeth come out of the womb with them. Soni Mod did not have any teeth upon leaving the womb. Her eyes were also startling to the doctors since she had no pupils upon birth, but suddenly she had green eyes. Upon numerous requests from the doctors to Hideki Tojo, he finally consented to allow certain tests on Soni. It is unknown the specific tests that were given, but what was reported, after a doctor giving the baby an eye exam, he broke down in a case of severe shock and did not speak for three days. Upon the fourth day of his mute stage, he was found by his wife hanging by a rope around his neck, dead.

Since most of Tojo's children were sent to private school, and Tojo wanted to keep Soni from being affiliated with his family, Soni was sent to public school. Soni was very quiet and had a low raspy voice. She often would stand in corners alone never making eye contact with anyone. She always kept her white complexion with her skin, and her eyes remained green. She was avoided by her peers in school, but was reported by teachers to be extremely docile. She did her work, and maintained her grades to a very impressive rate.

Although her efforts in school, and her docile character, she was not welcome at her home. She was often poorly fed, and was never involved in family gatherings. One day, Hideki Tojo's son cut his wrist. Hideki immediately assumed it was Soni who caused his son's injury, and violently beat her. He beat her so hard that she had blood in her stool, and urine for three days. Upon his final lash, Soni rose in the air, and spread her arms out. Her hair stood up strand by strand. Her eyes and mouth both agape. She violently yelled at a deafening rate, "Why do you feel no remorse?" repeatedly. Her voice was not a child's voice, but had a demonic sound to it.

Soni Mod was an adolescent girl when she fell into a deep depression. She would vomit, and have recurring irregular menstrual cycles. One afternoon, she stood in her room weeping violently, when all of a sudden, it ceased. Katsuko Ito, who was the spouse of Hideki Tojo, went up to Soni's room to find that she was missing. Soni left to go to a man's house who had three sons, and four daughters, one being an infant. Her eyes wide open, she opened his door. She tackled the man to the floor, and bit a large portion of the skin out of the man's neck effectively causing the man to die of suffocation. Soni walked over each of the children and stabbed them six times each through the forehead. She found the infant, and at first, she held in her hands, like a loving caring young woman. She walked into the owner's music room, and ripped a guitar string off of the guitar. She clutched the string in her hands, and began to scrape off the infant's flesh. Lash, after lash, the baby would scream louder than the one before. Eventually, the baby would die of blood loss. Soni walked home and cleansed herself of all the family's blood, and then dressed in her best outfit. It was a black blouse, that exposed most of her chest.

Soni found a set of oil paints, and began to paint a picture on a blank canvas in Tojo's gallery. This picture was of her with sight hint of sadness with it. She spent six hours painting this picture of herself. After she finished the painting. She searched for a rope in her biological father's bedroom, and tied it to the bed-post. She extended the rope long enough to be thrown out of the window. She tied the rope around her neck, and then jumped out of the window. She was strangled to death within minutes.

History would mark the death of general Hideki Tojo, as execution by hanging. But as stated before, the Japanese government was known for hiding the truth from its people. Hideki Tojo would eventually find this picture of the young girl, and donate it to an art museum just outside of Tokyo. It was reported by many, that whoever looks into the eyes of this girl's picture for long enough, would feel a great sense of fear, and would then kill themselves. The picture was stored in Japanese national archives when Hideki Tojo was reported to have stared at her picture, and shortly after, hung himself by a rope in a stairwell. Just before he jumped, he wrote to his family a letter. The letter consisted of these words, "Why do you feel no remorse? If you wish to feel remorse, simply look into my painting, and let it overcome you. -Soni Mod." The Japanese government would fabricate another story entirely to cover this event up. It was concluded by Hajime Sugiyama, that any person who stares into the eyes of this young girl (which is also the picture above), is condemned to suicide.

Written by Kookookachu
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