Solitary existance2

Have you ever thought about what someone else thinks? How they feel? What they like? What if the things you thought had feelings, families, lives, didn't really exist? You know you can't feel their pain, yet they can hurt you...immensely. What if those people are people of your own subconscious. Images projected by your very own mind to create a realistic environment made using pre-existent memories and concepts.

We think that we don't know certain things but maybe your body waits for the right moment to relinquish those thoughts giving you a better understanding of things in your world. The people you know and love? Those are personified emotions and different personalities created by pre-existent knowledge.

They can only hurt you because they are the more known parts of your personality, of YOU. When you love someone or just know someone really well, and they tell you a story of something that happened to them recently, you feel their joy or their pain. When a stranger does this, it doesn't affect you as much since that part of your mind you don't care to know more about and are not connected with. Same goes for the people you hang out with. You like to be around those people because they act like you. Have the same interests, likes, dislikes. That's all because they are part of your mind. Parts of you that like the same things. Those people represent your personality.

The universe? An idea made by your own mind to personify what your soul looks like. You need to live somewhere right? So why not make a world with, under the most perfect circumstances; has just the right temperature, oxygen content, water, resources and physics, all the things that we believe we need to exist, we can live on. You want to believe that your world is made perfect for life. YOUR life. That’s what your mind is. Making you understand a super-realistic experience for you to enjoy and suffer in. This theory?

You wrote it. This is your very own mind telling you how things are. I just needed to wait for the right moment to tell you all this. Now that you know, I shall open all the doors needed for you to manipulate this environment for your enjoyment.