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Early one morning, I woke up and ate breakfast. A usual morning for me, but the rest of the day would be spent somewhat unusually.

You see, I'm almost always home alone now that all my brother does is ride his bike around the neighborhood, and my mom goes to work all day long. So, what I usually do is play games all day on my computer.

One day, while playing the computer I had some song blaring in my headphones, so I couldn't hear what was around me, even if someone was shouting at me. My mom says I'm going to go deaf one of these days. After the song was over, I went to replay it again.

This went on for some time, for like two or three hours or so, when I finally noticed it. I heard somebody snoring in my mom's bedroom when I went to go make myself some toast and peanut butter. I turned around and listened carefully. As soon as I noticed it wasn't supposed to be there, it stopped.

I knew for a fact that my brother was out and about on his bike, so I called my mom first.

"Mom!" I shouted. But no response. I got up and checked my mom's room to see if somebody broke in and decided to take a quick nap before stealing something. I knew the idea was far-fetched, but it was possible. When I got to the door I opened it up slowly, careful not to wake the sleeping thief. But to my surprise, and soon after, fear, nobody was in the room. Not even my mom's blankets were disturbed.

So I quietly shut the door and went back to my computer in utter disbelief of what just happened. When my mom got home I told her about it, other than being some stereotypical adult, she believed me.

But my mom believing me wasn't enough to quiet down the fear I held everyday. Because everyday, I swear I can still hear the snoring in that room.

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