Beep! Beep! Beep!

"What the hell?" I thought as I looked over at my annoyingly loud alarm clock.

It read 3:07.

I didn't have to be up for work for another five hours... Why the hell was my alarm clock going off like this? I sleepily reached over and turned it off.

Ten minutes later, at 3:17... Just as I was finally drifting back off to sleep, it went off yet again.

Now angry at myself because I must have pressed snooze instead of off, I did so now. "Shit..." I muttered, "might as well go pee since I'm up"

I stumbled in the dark headed for the bathroom, when a loud alarm made me jump... It was my clock going off again at 3:19!

Work be damned... I was unplugging that thing. I did so, resisting the urge to chuck it against the wall, and went and relieved myself.

I made my way back to bed and was soon fast asleep...


Impossible! I groggily thought... I unplugged that shit! I reached out.. And what I felt woke me up immediately...

THE CLOCK WAS UNPLUGGED!!! But it was still going off at 4:26 a.m... Impossible... It was electric run only... No battery power... How was this clock still running?

Even more startling was the shadow I thought I saw playing on my wall... I caught the gleam of a metallic object in the fading moonlight. A blade maybe... Or a scythe perhaps... I'd seen it somewhere before.

"Time of death was around 4:30-ish yesterday morning," the examiner said. "No signs of struggle. No marks anywhere... he seemed to have four consecutive heart attacks, just this morning... the last one was a massive one and killed him."

"Around what times would you say those heart attacks occurred?" the detective asked.

I'd say about 3:07-ish... then one ten mins later. One soon after that about two mins later. And finally the massive one at..."

"4:26?" the detective interrupted.

The examiner looked strangely at the detective, and after a moment of silence answered, "Yes.. how did you know?"

"Because his clock was blinking exactly that time..."