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Smith Sisters Murdered Anonymously

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Smith Sisters
It's an urban legend about a boy named John Smith who was very fond of scary emails and popups.

Everyday, he would find new ones and post them to everyone he knew. He even started making some himself and sending them to strangers. He loved to scare people on the Net.

John lived in Plainfield, Wisconsin. One day in November 2007, he opened up his inbox and found a message that appeared to be from two young girls. They called themselves as the "Smith Sisters" and told him they were his older sisters, which confused him because he was an only child. They said that years ago, they had lived in his house.

He replied, saying he didn't have any sisters and told them to get lost and leave him alone. The next day, he received a chilling message with some photo attachments. The first photo was of two young girls.

The caption on it said Smith Sisters murdered anonymously.

The girls said in the email that they were indeed his older sisters. They told him that in 1993 they had lived in his house. His bedroom had once been their bedroom. They told him all about growing up and about their lives and how happy they had been until one horrible night.

He opened up the other attachment. It was a scan of an old newspaper article.

In the rest of the email, the sisters said that they were angry that the case was closed and people forgot about them.

They were angry that their parents wanted to forget about them too.

They were angry that their parents had never mentioned their daughters or their tragic murder to their new son John.

John Smith, sent an angry reply saying he didn't believe what they were saying. He didn't believe the Smith Sisters were really related to him and he didn't believe the newspaper article was real. He told them to go to hell.

Five minutes later, he got another email from them. It said "If you don't believe us, look in the bedroom closet."

That was the last email that was found on John's computer. Police were unable to trace who had sent the messages to him.

On the floor of the closet, the police found a faint message, carved in the wood. It simply read "Lisa and Sarah - 1993". Underneath that, was another carving that read "John 2007".

No one knows what John did next, but in the morning, John's parents woke up to find their son missing. Then they checked his bedroom closet and got the shock of their lives. There they found the dead body of their son. He had been skinned alive.

No one knows what really happened that night. Police were only

Crime Scene Of John Smith

able to piece together parts of the story based on what they found on John's computer.

The parents were devastated. How could this happen to a family? First their daughters were murdered. And now years later their son is murdered.

It seemed too weird to be just a coincidence. Two sisters are murdered and then years later, their brother is murdered in exactly the same way, in exactly the same place. And the only evidence left behind is a few scary emails... Makes you wonder.

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