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Oh god, this is nightmarish.

I woke up and found myself trapped in this room- it’s dark, dank, the walls all appear to be some sort of bedrock. There’s nothing in here but this notebook, pencil and knife and this note:

“T H E R E ‘ S O N L Y O N E W A Y O U T Y O U K N O W W H A T T O D O”

And, looking around this room, I think I know what it means. You see, it’s all one even square cavern, except for one exception: A doorframe on one wall.

But there’s not an ordinary door in it at all. Instead, it seems to be covered with something- there’s this unyielding, fleshy material covering the door.

It’s pale and covered with thin lines like leather or skin. I don’t know what it is, but I think I’ve got to cut myself out of the room. I have a terrible feeling about this though.

That’s why I’ve sat here so long hoping to think of another way, but I can’t. And there’s these creepy noises between growling and pushing a boulder across the ground. Anyway, I left this note so someone knows I was here, if anything goes wrong. Here it goes.”

He stepped up to the doorframe, knife in hand, and took a deep breath. Then he began to hack. The first few stabs drew blood from the material...and there seems to be a hard, unyielding material around most of the top and bottom. So he slices one, long slit in the flesh-

To reveal and bleeding, giant mouth full of serrated teeth.


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