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The girl sat next to her doll as the camera's timer counted down. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...

"Smile," her doll said as a forced, sharp grin spread across its cracked porcelain face as it took the little girl's hand.

The girl smiled with all the happiness an 8-year-old could possibly possess, and stared straight at the camera lens. Click.

"I wish mommy and daddy were here to see us so happy. I'm sure they would have been happy too."

"But then we wouldn't be as happy as we are now, would we Alicia?" the doll said. Its neck creaked with a scraping noise as it tilted its head to one side. "You don't need mommy and daddy. You have me, and that's all you need."

The little girl picked up the doll and smiled at it, but this smile was different. This smile was sinister, and she said to the doll "Let's go get mommy and daddy out of here before they start to stink."

1 Day Earlier...

"Alicia! Honey! Why don't you help mommy and bring some of these boxes down to the cellar? Afterward we can have lunch and start unpacking your new room!" Alicia's mother called.

"Okay mommy! I can't wait 'till daddy gets home! He'll be so happy that we unpacked our new house!" Alicia said with a smile. Her little brown curls bounced around her face as she skipped over to the box she needed to bring down to the basement. She carried the box out of the mud room, and made her way down to the end of the hall. The light was dimmer here, and the one light fixture next to the cellar door was flickering with a steady crackling noise. Alicia shifted the large box to her left arm as she reached to turn the door knob. She opened the door and was greeted by a skin-crawling breeze that blew her hair behind her. Alicia attempted a shrug, even though the hairs on her arms and the back of her neck were standing straight.

She shifted the box around in her arms to make it easier to hold while going down the stairs, and started down, shouldering the light switch as she went to no avail. She kept going anyway, her small feet trudging down the old wooden stairs. Each step creaked even worse than the other, the noise sliding into whines. The noises from the aged, rotting wood were like warnings not to go any further. Alicia reached the bottom of the steps and put the box in the middle of the bare concrete floor of her new basement. She turned back towards the staircase, but paused when something caught her eye.

A box, damp and falling apart on the far side of the cellar. If she had moved any faster she would have missed it.

"Alicia! You okay hun?" her mother called down the stairs.

"Yes mommy! It's just that there's a box down here... should we get it and bring it up?" Alicia asked.

Alicia heard her mother make her own way down the stairs, her feet pounding as loud as Alicias. "I don't see why not. Here, I'll grab it and you go upstairs and start unpacking the kitchen, 'kay?" she said with a smile.

"'Kay!" Alicia said, and bounded up the steps.

"So, tell me again, where did that doll come from?" Alicias father asked, taking time to observe the doll across the dining room table.

"We found it in the basement! Isn't she pretty? Can I keep her?" asked Alicia, hugging the doll closer to herself as she ate. The doll's long, straight brown hair moved little when Alicia hugged it tighter. Its light blue bell shaped dress was a little worn, but in a way like it was played with and loved from its former owner. It was a very nice doll until you really looked at its face. The doll had very clear, round piercing blue eyes, round rosy cheeks, and a smile. but the smile seemed to shift, as if it were growing or getting closer to a frown the more you watched it.

"I don't see why not? What about you dear?" Alicia's mother asked.

"I guess not, I mean, who will miss it?" her father said with slight unease.

"Thank you daddy! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!" Alicia exclaimed, and smiled the biggest smile she had in a long time.

"Okay, now rush off to bed with your new doll. Me and your mother will be in to tuck you into bed."

Alicia ran to her newly unpacked bedroom and jumped into her bed with her newfound doll, already in her P.j.s. Her mother and father came in, said goodnight, and turned out the lights. As they shut her bedroom door, her mother whispered, "I don't like that doll."

The doll's eyes flickered in their direction.

That Night

Alicia's eyes grew heavy as she lay in bed with her new doll.

"They don't like me you know. You like me, don't you?" said a tiny whisper.

"Wha-? Who... who's there?" Alicia asked in a daze of sleep. She scanned the room and her eyes fell on her doll, who had turned its delicate painted face towards her, and her once sneaky-looking smile had shifted and settled into a wide grin.

"It's only me Alicia, your new friend. Although your parents don't like me... You like me Alicia, right?" the doll whispered to her.

"Of course I like you! I like you even more now that you can talk," Alicia confirmed with a nod and a smile.

"Fantastic!" the doll said, its smile growing wider. "Now, you like me so much that you would do what I say right? Even if you don't fully agree? Because you love me, right?" the doll whispered, getting quieter as it spoke.

"Yes, I do, I do love you. What do you want me to do?" Alicia said, her eyes transfixed and wide, staring at the doll's smile.

Alicia got out of her bed, picked up the doll, and walked out of her room and down the hall towards her parents bedroom. Her small feet padded softly on the hardwood as she stepped closer to their door. She stopped when she got to it, opened it half-way as quietly as she could, and placed the doll on the floor in the space between the door and the door jam. She turned away from the doll and her parent's bedroom door, walked back to her own, and crawled in bed and slept soundly through most of the night.

Alicia's father heard the door squeak open, and rolled over on his side to see it fully. What he saw made his breath catch in his throat. The doll, the same doll that had made him so uneasy during dinner, was now sitting in the space between the door and the door jamb. The light from the moon cast strange shadows on the dolls face, making the ever changing smile into a smirk of resentment. As he watched, the doll lifted one arm and rested a hand on the door jamb, and lifted itself up and off the floor. He took in a sharp breath, not believing what he was seeing, and regretted it very quickly.

The doll's head snapped towards him, and it smiled a smile he will never, ever forget. Its eyes had darkened to black holes in the doll's porcelain skull, its once round cheeks had hollowed and paled. It's long, straight brown hair was the same, but its smile had grown to a wide, ear to ear smile as if it couldn't contain its excitement. Its teeth had grown to razor-sharp points, and as it walked closer and closer the teeth kept growing in length. Alicia's father grabbed his wife's hand and shook it gently.

"Wha-?" she asked quietly but was cut off by her own screams and the screams of her husband.

The doll had come close enough to their bed, and had jumped on them, shredding them with its teeth.

Sometime Past 12:00am

Alicia woke with a start. As she listened in the dark of her room, she heard little tapping of feet on the hardwood outside her room. Then a little hand tapping on her door. Alicia got out of her bed and opened her door. The doll was standing there, its former face had returned, only its smile was brighter and happier. The doll was covered in blood. Alicia picked up the doll and smiled at it.

"Let's clean you up." she said. The doll's smile grew wider.

"I think that we need to remember our being so happy. We need a picture," said the doll, turning itself away from the girl and towards the direction they were heading.

The girl sat next to her doll as the camera's timer counted down. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...

"Smile." her doll said as a forced, sharp grin spread across its cracked porcelain face as it took the little girl's hand.

The girl smiled with all the happiness an 8-year-old could possibly possess, and stared straight at the camera lens. The doll smiled in a insane way -


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