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Have you ever felt alone?

I don't mean like you have nobody to talk to, or you don't have any friends to chill with you on Saturday night.

I mean alone. Truly, hauntingly alone. So alone that you could swear somebody was with you.

So alone you could swear that you could hear that voice echoing in the walls.

I know you hear it.

Don't you?

Alone. You must have never truly felt alone. Things like that are perfectly normal.

By the way, how are you sleeping?

Do you feel safe? Are your doors locked?

Don't worry, there's no reason to panic. You're alone. All by yourself.

So alone, you could hear that voice echoing in the walls.

So alone, you could swear that somebody was with you.

So very, very alone.

No time... is more perfect... than now. But... that's okay. It can wait.

Remember to sleep tight.

I wouldn't want you to wake up.

Because you might just not be so alone after all.

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