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Moderators, Administrators, and Users are NOT allowed to ask users for their age. This is a violation of the Wikia TOU. Doing so will result in an immediate 2-hour ban from chat.

We are not the police. We must abide by and enforce Wikia's TOU, but we are not the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Do not harass people or try to trick them into revealing any personal information. You will have your chat privileges taken away.

Herein lies the rules for Creepypasta Wiki Chat. Read them well, for failure to follow them may result in banishment.

New Users

Harassing new users in chat will not be tolerated. Period. This includes, but is not limited to, when a new user asks a question and is met with some sort of hostility or mocking behavior. Too often, the action is initiated through regular chat users.

Anyone who is doing this shall be given an automatic two-hour ban (no kick warning) for the first offense, one day for the second, and doubling thereafter. As a community, we need to be helpful of new members trying to find out more information via chat.

Mods/Admins - Use common sense when enforcing this rule. Not all new users (cue the sock-puppets) mean well. If a new user comes on chat just to troll, be an idiot, or sock, use your own discretion to take action.


Drama is any kind of gossip, smack-talk, campaigning, attention-whoring, or otherwise disruptive discussion that is intended to incite reactions from others. Drama will not be tolerated on the chat, no matter how justified you think your cause is.

Drama includes, but is not limited to, talking about someone being banned, complaining that someone shouldn't have banned, making negative comments or otherwise attacking the reputation of any user on the wiki or chat (including staff), trolling for reactions, and generally discussing the subject of other users in any critical way. If you want to discuss these topics, do so in Private Messages, not in the main chat. If you want to bring a user to a staff's attention for misconduct, do it via PM or through an Admin's talk page. Not the main chat. Drama never, ever has a place on the main chat.

Trolling is the action of trying to make other users angry or otherwise elicit a reaction for your own entertainment. Obviously, this will not be tolerated.

Campaigning is the act of attempting to rally people to perform some action in a group, like mass-posting on a user's talk page, invading another wiki's chat, or otherwise being disruptive jerks. Anyone attempting any kind of disruptive campaign will be dealt with immediately.

Private Messages are areas separate from the main chat in which you can talk to individual users privately. All personal affairs are to be taken to PM, and not be posted in the main chat. If a user is harassing you via PM, it is possible to block a user from Private Messaging you; you may then report the situation to a moderator, with the offending text included as evidence. If a user blocks your PM's, do not take your issue with him/her to the main chat. Once again, drama and personal affairs have no place there. Ever.



Spam is anything in the chat that takes up a lot of space without contributing anything to the discussion. Examples of spam include, but are not limited to, streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetching words out to an unreasonable degree, word art/ASCII (ex. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), repeating the same text over and over again, pasting large bodies of text without warning (including Cleverbot conversations), heavy overuse of emoticons, or just worthless garbage text (asgdsdgfdadfasraegfdag).

For very long links, please use Tinyurl to shorten before posting the link in chat. Long links may be considered spam at a chat mod's discretion.

The use of allcaps (meaning a word in all capital letters) is allowed as long as it doesn't exceed more than four words (contiguous or broken up in the sentence), or more than one line. If the number of capitalized words doesn't break either of those two thresholds, a formal warning isn't warranted.

"Shitposting" is the act of typing in such a way that it is difficult or impossible to understand. If severe enough, it also may also include typing in a way that's just plain annoying and distracting to other chat users, such as PERPETUAL ALLCAPS or Capitalizing Every Word You Type. Examples of shitposting including tyepn liek ths, AlTeRnAtInG cApS, 1337-speak, esrever ni gnipyt, posting one word every line, and so on.

Lastly, the language of CPW Chat is English. For the sake of not being distracting, please do not have extended conversations in other languages on the main chat; take those to PM instead. If a chat is flooded with messages in another language while others are trying to have a discussion, disciplinary action will be taken.

Inappropriate Conduct

Sex talk is the discussion of genitalia, sexual activities, or any other such topics in an attempt to elicit arousal, and will not be tolerated. Innuendo and sexual jokes (for the sake of humor rather than arousal) are to be kept to a minimum, and it is up to a mod's discretion whether or not a situation merits disciplinary action in these cases. Other tactless and immature humor (such as regularly responding with "your mom's vagina," as one example of many) will also be dealt with accordingly and often result in a ban.

Adverse discrimination is any dialogue or behavior that displays a contempt for others based on race, sex, age, religion, disability, or any other unacceptable standard. These are also known as slurs. This sort of bias will not be tolerated in the chat. Slurs are offensive, ignorant, and will be dealt with per moderator and/or administrator discretion.

Non-offensive context includes, but is not limited to, an individual stating "I'm gay", "I'm a Jew", and so on. As long as it is stated as a fact, not a slur, and is not inciting any sort of drama, it is fine. To elaborate here, as an example, an individual stating "I'm a nigga", is unacceptable. There is a fine line between what is wrong and what is right. We expect chat users to know these socially-acceptable boundaries. If you choose to try and test the moderators'/administrators' limits, expect a lengthy ban for your idiotic behavior.

Typically, an individual knows when they are trying to be offensive. This is why we have moderators here in the first place; to spot, then stop things before they escalate to an intolerable level. For those unaware of what might be considered slurs, below is a list of some common ones. Please note, that not all slurs are listed below. Users will still be subject to any other offensive term that may not be listed.

  • Beaner (Racial slur)
  • Chink (Racial slur)
  • Dyke/Dike (Sexual slur)
  • Faggot (Sexual slur)
  • Gay (Sexual slur)
  • Nigger/Nigga (Racial slur)
  • Retard (Simply uncalled for)

As a reminder, moderators and administrators are still held to the same rules as everyone else. If you see one breaking any of the above rules or not enforcing them when necessary, please let another moderator/administrator (preferably one who is not in chat) know via their talk page immediately! Also, make sure you have proof through a screenshot, as going through chat logs is taxing on the eyes. Here is the link for Lightshot, an easy-to-use tool for screenshotting [1]. Do not abuse this for the sake of causing drama.

"Minimodding" is attempting to take the role of a moderator or admin when you do not have said user rights. Simply asking someone to "stop doing such and such" is not mini-modding. As long as a user without rights doesn't threaten to ban/kick, or doesn't try to overstep a moderator/administrator when they are trying to do their job, it is fine. If there is a situation in the chat and no mod/admin is present, try to contact one via his or her talk page. Resist the urge to attack the offending parties, as it will only incite drama and likely make the situation worse. Minimodding is a punishable offense in extreme circumstances.

Roleplaying is the act of pretending to be someone else for entertainment purposes. Claiming to be a pasta character (Slenderman, Jeff, BEN, etc.), video game character, T.V. or movie character, or celebrity in the chat will result in disciplinary action. General roleplaying, as a game, is not allowed at all.  This includes, but is not limited to, abuse of the /me feature.  Roleplaying that distracts from a conversation others are trying to have will not be tolerated.  If you want to *beats <insert name here> up*, take it to private message, or use the custom Multi-PM script.

Finally, do not post any of the following in the chat:

  • Raunchy or otherwise NSFW links. Among NSFW content that won't be accepted under any concept: nudity, sexual situations, explicit images of any type of genitalia, explicit gore, fetishes. 
  • Screamers
  • Shock sites
  • Images, videos, or links that may cause epileptic seizures (rapidly flashing lights, etc.)
  • Pornography
  • Illegal content, including but not limited to ROM's, illegal streams, and other pirated content

Site Guidelines

"Socking" is the act of using a second account to get around a block or ban, and is not tolerated on the chat or on the wiki. On this wiki, we ask that users use only one account, and if changing accounts, inform an admin so as to block the original account. If you use another account for the sole purpose of avoiding the ban, all accounts, including the original, will be blocked from the site indefinitely.

These rules are not absolute or all-encompassing. Chat moderators and admins have final say on what is and is not acceptable in the chat. If one of them asks you to do something or to stop doing something, listen to them. Mods and admins reserve the right to take disciplinary action against any user at any time if he or she is found to be behaving in a disruptive fashion.

Moderator Guidelines

  • Be considerate and professional. Always.
  • Never practice favoritism or bias. All users are to be treated and disciplined equally.
  • Always strive to prevent drama, and be willing to take action if a situation gets out of hand.
  • Practice good judgement and deal with situations as the situation demands. These rules are not word-of-God.
  • Slurs are not "banned words," and users should not be disciplined just for such a word appearing. Again, use your judgement, and take the context into consideration.
  • No joke bans.
  • Self-bans are left to the discretion of each mod/admin, individually. If a user requests a temporary self-ban to keep them off the chat, a mod is free to oblige; however, if he/she doesn't want to deal with the potential drama or indecision resulting from self-bans, a mod is not obligated to hand them out.

Disciplinary Guidelines

In most cases, the following can be used as a general guide for what to expect in cases of misbehavior.

  • First offense: Warning.
  • Second offence: Kick.
  • Repeated offense: 1 day ban.
  • Bans may increase to 3 days, one week, and beyond if the problem persists.

Please note that these are just guidelines.

Admins/chat mods may institute bans for as long as they feel necessary in order to deal with a problem.

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, discuss it with a site admin on his or her talk page.

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