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Lonely Wolf

it lurks in the night...

Did you know that the full moon has been the center of one huge mythical beast? Of course, you would know. The werewolf, one of the most well-known and feared myths in history. But then again, could it really be a myth? Or could it be something much much darker?

The Mansion.

In the 1840s around the time of the struggle between the South and North, there had been a huge event that happened in Europe. The true location of the event is still unknown, but it is likely to have originated somewhere around Germany. This is how it started:

It was a crisp, cool night in Munich, and the woods were not safe. The dwelling of Daniel Astley, a white mansion with marble pillars and tinted windows, was in the center of the forest. That day was Daniel's birthday, and he held a party to celebrate. All of his family and friends had arrived for the occasion. He was extremely intoxicated by the time the guests started leaving. Soon only a dozen people were left. Daniel decided to go to bed and invited the guests to spend the night. They all agreed.

Later that night one of the guests woke up with a start. She was hyperventilating and sweating vigorously all over the bedsheets. She looked around the room, skeptical of her surroundings. Then something caught her eye. Out there in the trees, a shadow passed across the grass. Thinking that the shadow was simply a hallucination, she went back to sleep.

She never woke up.

Some time after the shadow passed across the woman's window, it went to the front door of the house and charged in. The first few to wake up went downstairs to check on the noise. They never came back up. Soon there were only four left. Four more people to hunt down, four more people to play with.

Daniel's excessive drinking before had put him in a deep sleep; he never heard the blood-curdling cries of his guests. By the time he woke up, he only had a small glance at the atrocious beast that had laid havoc to his mansion.

When authorities arrived, they found almost no evidence for the murders. First they suspected a serial killer, but saw something interesting. Not fur or hair, but a steel fiber. One of the officers attempted to pick it up, but his finger was immediately cut open. The fiber was sharper than anything the investigation had seen. They packed it up in a special glass container. The doctors of Munich then came over to see the strand of fiber. Everyone was baffled. They had no idea what the fiber belonged to. It did, however, hold the physical properties of a canine, a wild canine mostly found in the woods. Another investigation looked for the beast, armed with batons, rifles, knives and handguns.

No one came back.

To this day, the myth of the "Silver Wolf" has been told only to the ones that believe. This creature is dangerous, and officials were even more worried in the 1910s when Munich authorities found out that the same fiber was found in Canada, Asia, and Australia. The beast was spreading, reproducing, and becoming more bloodthirsty every minute.

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