For the record, I am not in any way someone who likes to live in the moment or do anything, that someone has not done before. It was a long weekend, it dragged on with every last waking moment. I was bored on my summer vacation. My parents were out of town and all but a few of my friends were out of town as well. Being the fresh out of college kid I was trying at every last effort to try and please my boredom, but to no avail nothing seemed to work.

That is... until I decided to venture onto YouTube, this wasn't something I haven't done before. I don't have a channel but I always have found interesting this and felt the need to favorite the page, to maybe show to my friends later. I watched all kinds of things on YouTube before and i had my own account, but i never posted anything because I always felt I had not enough credentials to do so.

Being on the weird parts of YouTube before, YouTube recommended me a video; it was titled from a user with something resembling pasta which was creepy? I wasn't quite sure but I never heard about them so I chose to enlighten myself with this attempt. 

This video dated quite recent. I started to watch it, the video was about 10 minutes in length give or take. I was not easily entertained, suffering from ADD it was tough to stay attached to something for very long. I paused the video and took out my headphones.

My house was dead silent and listening to this "Creepy pasta" I had the volume up loud so I would hope to scare myself, the silence was piercing my eardrums more than the sound itself. I decided to do research on hearing, ringing in the ears, and the pain of silence. I discovered something that drew my attention fast.

A place in the world was dubbed:

"The most quietest place in the world."

I thought that would be insane, nothing but silence? wouldn't that make you go insane. I decided to venture more and saw that the longest time someone spent in the room was 45 minutes before going insane. My curiosity grew more and more each word I read on that page. 

I had trouble sleeping that night, I had no fan on, and my computer and TV was off. I remember when I was looking up silence conspiracies and such, and that haunted me even more not being able to sleep. My eyes were deceiving my and I would see the shadows being manipulated in front of my very eyes and i didn't believe it. I wanted to go to the quietest place and face silence there and maybe rid myself of my anxiety of the silence. That night I just decided to subdue the white noise with a fan, as it was hot, and my TV. As I woke my TV was static and I didn't understand why, so I shook it off and continued with my morning. 

I got in my car and drove, luckily the place wasn't very far from my house. The outside, it was not like what I expected; the exterior was like any other building. That is until I went inside the building. There were many people and workers walking around and moving quickly, and with fluent motions, as if they had to do something at that moment without hesitation but knew exactly how and when to do it.

I asked an employee for the directions to the "Quiet room" and they pointed me to it, but hesitated as they pointed and warned me.

"If you're going to go there and try and beat what has not been achieved you may hope you keep yourself in reality."

I did not understand much of it, but I decided not to pay much attention. The only information they gave me was; the room blocked out 99% of external sound and they even said you could hear your own heartbeat. I was excited yet also anxious, I went into the room unexpecting what would happen. 

The room had one chair, a mesh floor, and some type of wall unlike any others. As if they were hollow edges of some sort of material which did not seem sturdy, that's supposed to focus out the sound. I sat in the chair and waited for what seemed like forever. I dozed off and had a wicked nightmare of things I couldn't see, tormenting me and then I was slain. I lasted in the room for 4 hours and the employee's notified the police because they did not see me come out, the challenge was revoked because I passed out. I was disappointed of myself, I went home and decided to get on my computer.



I checked my emails and was shocked, there was a picture of myself sleeping the the room. The person it was sent from had no name, email, or anything to help my find out who it was. My theory was it was a cruel joke played by an employee who got my email, somehow, and sent it to me to scare me.

I decided to ignore it and look up more information about the room and I was more curious so I looked at some pictures and found something that made me jump. I saw the room, and a picture of me with some other employee's; these were I believe scientist's for they had lab coats and that sort of attire.

This scared me even more when I clicked on the picture and the website lead to a video. I hesitantly clicked on it and put on my headphones, the silence would add to my fear. The video was about 3 minutes long and it was zoomed up and periodically stopped and started and it seemed as if they were taking vitals me of, and tests of me. The only caption below the picture stated:

"Vitals show normal status, suspect has no impairments and is healthy, he may be... the one."

This scared the shit out of me, people were watching me and taking tests on me without me knowing it? I vividly remembered my dream but as it was a nightmare I faintly remember the room I was in the room, and there was no one there. I was walking around and I would hear something, check that side of the sound and locate nothing. This happened many times until I heard whispering behind me and turned and there was nothing and turned back around and a shadow attacked me. 

The next day I got a envelope in the mail stating to hid the essence of fear in the void of silence. I thought this was ironic to the fact that I hate the silence, and that the return address was from the building. A picture of a shadowy figure was stapled to the bottom of the note and it was similar to the one I saw in my nightmare. I was scared and now i was hearing noises I couldn't explain, banging at my door, dragging along the floor, scratching along the wall. I was going insane at my own expense, I had nothing to blame but myself. I also had trouble sleeping due to the fact the voices kept me up and I almost understood something understandable, it said:

"Come here, come here."

Not in the best shape, or in an awake state I said to, "Hell with it, why not."

Then I followed down my hallway, slowly but surely as I was not all awake, I kept hearing it, but faintly. It almost made me go insane by just hearing a simple command, but it wasn't just a command it was something, not human. 

At the end of the hallway, (As a note I had a window at the end of my hallway) my window was open and harsh winds were blowing in cool summer night winds. I closed it without hesitation and walked back to bed, blaming my ears games on the wind, hoping to take that with me and hide my insanity within it. That was probably the worst decision I have ever made. I walked 10 steps, and I heard a creaking behind me and I looked quickly and my window was open, yet again.

I was about to crack, I wanted to yell so badly but waking the neighbors wouldn't be a good way to start the summer break. I closed it and went back to bed, insomnia was my case; I could not, would not go to sleep no matter how hard I tried or the medications. Because I was vulnerable in my sleep, the voices could attack me at will in my rest, my precious dreams which used to be a safe haven, and now a corrupt trap. It was preying on me, like a lion on a zebra. Watching my every movement. I trusted no noises, skeptical I tossed out everything that could trigger any noise without me knowing of it.

Tonight was different, it was peaceful. I almost got some sleep... that is until I heard the noise. I jumped in my bed and went to the hallway and paced faster than the last time I investigated. The noise was later classified as a scream, a woman's scream to be exact preferably a little woman's scream. I noticed a figure all blacked at the end of the hallway, bleeding at holding it's head, or what I thought was it's head out the window waving hair back in forth in the cool night.

I took slow paced steps closer and closer until I saw it's head moved from out the window, back into my house and I jumped and ran back to my room. I tried to go back to sleep, but to no avail I had the haunting feeling the thing knew I was watching it. I heard footsteps and put my cover above my face and waited, my door creaked open and then more footsteps. Closer and closer they got to the edge of my wait, and then they stopped to a halt just like that. My heart, beating like crazy started to slowly cease I took the covers off, and looked around... nothing. I was relieved and paranoid, so i tried to go back to sleep and just as I did so, I hears a heavy breathing behind my neck.