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Do you know what Shihana is? This is a name given to the urban legend, originated from Moscow, Russia, in the first decade of 21th century.

Original story

They say that when you suffer from a bad period in your life, things can always get worse. When a person loses his relatives or friends, not to mention his most closed-ones; when a person loses all of his money or is being fired from his favorite job; when he is seriously ill or gets in an accident – well, that’s bad enough. Some people have inner strength to deal with those problems, some use the help of a compassionate friend and, unfortunately, some may not get over such situations. Why do they fail to overcome the bad luck? Perhaps, they have no inner resources, power of will, maybe they have no friends. Another reason is circumstances of their problem. Humankind has its limits when faced with unbeatable odds.

But what happens to those who are forced to live in misery? Poverty. Hunger. Alcoholism and various addictions. A crippled body. No home other than a bench in the subway or just some newspapers as a pillow on the street. Asylum. Prison. And in the worst cases - Shihana.

One dark night, a hobo, named Petr was trying to get a nap in an alley of Moscow. Cold and hunger made that task very difficult to accomplish. When he was almost asleep, he heard something. That quiet noise was almost impossible to detect, but it made Petr look around. He saw nothing, so he turned to the wall. That noise happened again, this time it was in addition to the slight movement Petr managed to detect in the corner of the eye. He looked around again and when he did - he saw a mobile phone. Something similar to the one he had before the painful fraud he suffered from and lost everything to, the one that made his life hell. He looked into the phone. There was a video paused. The hobo unpaused the video and saw a horrible thing: a person in a hood was beating the crap out of the Petr’s street pet cat.

Person in the video was dressed in casual clothes, jeans, jacket with face-concealing hood, boots. This man was standing to the camera with his back, making sure to show detailed torture he inflicted upon the poor animal, while not revealing his face. His hands were behind his back, but he had no problem operating with them this way, not to mention he was not even looking. Petr had never seen so unnatural position of arms. The person cut the nails from the cat, inserted a needle in the mouth of poor Mashenka (name of the cat)… Petr closed the video. He was shocked. Date of the video showed it was made 30 minutes ago. Hobo stood up and went in the alley, shown in the video; Mashenka was the only friend he still had afterall. And when he saw it... his pet was there. Still alive, but it had no eyes, teeth, horribly beaten into the blood. He carefully took the cat into hands. Tears were on the face of the hobo.

The next night, the poor man awakened again from the same noise. He turned around to see even an worse picture than what he saw yesterday. The hooded man was beating what was remained of the cat with a metallic pipe. \The hobo had no other thought, but to attack the hooded man from behind. The hooded one was not even bothered to turn around; he just made a swift hit on the hobo with the pipe. The unnatural flexibility of arms behind the person's back made Petr's eyes blurred.

Several minutes later, the poor man awakened again. He was stripped from all of his dirty clothes, them being set on fire. He saw his cat, beaten into meat with blood and fur all over. And the man, who was standing there… No, it was not a man, that creature… It made a step onto the hobo’s body. Its leather boot was pressing hobo’s body into the ground, slowly breaking the bones. The creature made a noise which was similar to crying. It cried. Tears were coming from the concealed face. However, this loud sobbing had only distant resemblance to the cries of sorrow or regret, some other emotions if any at all were there. The creature turned it’s head towards the street, maybe looking to see if they were being watched. In the weak light of city lights, the hobo saw only one prominent feature of the creature’s face.

Its nose was seen coming from the hood, while the rest of the face was in the dark. It was not really a nose though, more like a very thin bird’s beak or mosquito’s stinger. The eyeless hood turned on the hobo. It was heavily crying with tears all over the casual clothes.

"We are only beginning…" With those cold, cruel words, the monster knocked out the poor man.


After the original story was posted on Russian forums, several different versions appeared. Despite all of the differences, they all have something in common: Shihana comes for weak and helpless or the ones in trouble, mainly those who can’t defend themselves like little children, depressed teens, elderly people and hobos. Shihana does not kill them, but tortures them, beats them and humiliates them through various means. One of the stories describes Shihana manipulating several thugs into the raping of the girl who was suffering from autism. Often merciless "bullying" concludes into the suicides among the victims.

Appearance of the creature varies from storyteller to storyteller, but beak and hood are always present. Usually, Shihana wears casual clothes like jeans and hooded coat. During the recent years, sightings of the monster were reported in various parts of Russia and abroad, not just as entertaining stories.

Just try not to get in trouble. Be successful. Be healthy. Be strong. If you are suffering, if you are unsatisfied with your life, if you have problems, Shihana will come for you.

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