My girlfriend and I moved in together here in Sydney back in 2009 and, more than anything else I think, it's been great for my Insomnia.

I've always had trouble sleeping, but being together means I've had little to no problems with that for the better part of the past couple of years.

She works as a Floor Manager for Marriott, which recently got a new GM. Though GMs are usually pretty hands-off, she tells me this one's a real prune.

Her shift ends pretty late, but she had to fill in for someone, so it looks like I might be alone tonight for the first time in a while.

Trying to get some sleep, but not accomplishing much more than shifting around under the sheets with my eyes closed. It felt like at least an hour, but I heard her walk quietly into the room and eventually slip under the covers with me. The night's been pretty tiring, but I'm just glad she's here now.

Though I didn't notice it at first, I spent some time laying there expecting to fall asleep, but felt even more awake than before. Something felt off, and I realised why when I heard the apartment door slowly being opened.

It looked like she didn't notice, either that, or she was too scared to show it.

The footsteps came closer, feeding my uneasiness. My mind raced, trying to think of what I could do once whoever, or whatever it was, came through the door.

Suddenly, I couldn't hear the footsteps.

My train of thought stopped completely as the door slowly opened, time felt like it was crawling to my mounting anxiety as I stared at that door in dreadful anticipation, feeling nothing but the painful focus of my eyes on the growing crack of light coming through.

In mockery of my rushing terror, the door opened to a feeling of relief. Only to be replaced by a crippling horror as I realised...

"Oh, you're still awake. Sorry, did I wake you up?" was my girlfriend, she just got home.