From a school diary of 5-year-old Mary Woods.

Tuesday, October 2nd

Today I made a new friend. Her name is Amity (Originally Spelled Amitee). She is 9 years old. That's older than me. She has black hair and a white dress. It has red paint on it.

Wednesday, October 3rd

I introduced Amity to my mommy and daddy. Amity told me her mommy and daddy were sleeping underneath my sandbox. I asked her why they were sleeping down there. She said it was cause they were mean. I hope they wake up soon. For now, I told Amity she could be apart of my family.

Thursday, October 4th

I brought Amity to school today. Mrs. Anderson got mad at me because she said Amity wasn't real. She and the other students yelled at me. Amity pulled Sally O'Donald's hair. Sally cried cause she pulled a piece out. It was bleeding. Mrs. Anderson yelled at us cause she wanted to know who did it. Sally blamed me. I cried. Amity said it will be okay soon because Mrs. Anderson will sleep. I think Mrs. Anderson has been tired lately. So I forgave her.

Friday, October 5th

Amity and I ate dinner together. Mommy didn't give Amity a slice of Pizza so Amity pushed over her china cabinet. Mommy though it was an accident. But daddy was mad at me. He spanked me and gave me a time out. Amity started crying and said she was sorry to me. She said daddy will sleep too.

Monday, October 8th

Daddy didn't come home all weekend. Mommy said he was busy at work. Amity told me he was sleeping there. Mrs. Anderson didn't come to school today. We had a substitute teacher. Her name is Mrs. Hughes. I likes Mrs. Hughes. I hope she stays our teacher forever. Amity said Mrs. Anderson was sleeping too. I'm glad her and daddy finally got their rest.

Tuesday, October 9th

Mrs. Anderson won't be coming back Mrs. Hughes said. She said she had gone to Heaven. Amity said she was under the sandbox. And if I told anyone I would be too. I'll keep Amity's secret. She is my best friend.

Wednesday, October 10th