It was just like any other night, only it wasn't. He had driven the long and winding road through the heart of the Nevada desert many nights to cool off after fighting with the wife, only this time was different.

The road had a new life to it, the reflecting lane lines brought him into a retrospective hypnosis; and he spoke to her. He had known the moment he laid eyes on her classic cherry red paint job, the curves of the all American muscle perfectly embodied within her. She wasn't just any 1972 Plymouth Barracuda; she called to him and told him she was his. He spent the entire rent check that he was delivering, and also traded his sedan just to get her. He knew it would cause a fight, but somehow she made him want to fight now.

He flew throughout the curves and dips of the road and when he returned home to the wife and showed her, the fighting began. They managed to find more money for rent and this went on for a while with the nightly drives, fights, screaming, and waking the baby. Oh! The baby. How he missed her so. He could see the off reflection given by the dent which her head had put in the hood. Occasionally when he hit a bump her pooled blood would spatter onto the windshield. He didn't want to kill her but he had to prove a point. She told him it had to be done; he had to show the wife he meant business tonight, but that didn't transfer his message either, it just made the wife scream louder which only made him angrier. So he tied the wife to the hood with the dead baby strapped to the grille.

Now here he is, going down the winding Nevada desert road. Same as any other night, only it isn't. And she talks to him, tells him they can be together forever if he pulls into the other lane. She tells home to go into the light, but not the little ones, the big ones that are following behind them. And so he waits, and the little ones pass. Then with a flick of the wrist - much like the movement he used to slice the wife's throat - he pulls into the opposite lane. The lights are right there, they instantly brighten and the horn blares. Then silence, nothing but her voice. She's much more than just a car, and now they can be together forever.