I'm hiding in a dark and quiet place. It knows I'm here. I know that it knows. I know what it wants. I hide from it, eagerly, futilely. It's a fish eat fish world out there and I'm no exception. Patiently, I await my fate, knowing when, where, and how. It happened to my friends. It-it has incredible, no... no, that's not right. It has phenomenal senses. I camouflage with my surroundings. They're the last line of defense, an excellent natural barrier to protect me from one of the greatest predators that have ever existed. It's coming closer. I can feel it. I can hear every step it makes. The anticipation is strangling me. I remain still but I know. I know. I'm trapped! I'm trapped! It can still find me! Maybe it will go away, forget about me for a second. Wait! Wait, I hear-I hear a sound. It's-it's the sound of my burial, it's the sound of a grave being dug up! It's-it's reaching out for me, almost like an invitation, waiting for me to enter, go down its foul abyss. It's found me! It's here! It's here! It's staring at me with its sinister face. That smile! Oh God! I can see its teeth. It's playing with me. It's like it can sense my fear. It's get-tting rea-ready to lunge... devour! It's-

"The metal detector really works!" exclaimed an elated Harold as he reached down into the hole he had just finished digging and picked up a gold coin. "Son, we did it. We're going to be rich! We're going to have a new home!"