Have you ever felt darkness from a strange memory that still haunts you from your past? Or something weird or creepy you just can't explain? My experience was barely unexplainable and it all started with the shadows...

It was 3:00 to be exact. I was looking at the window, just gazing in the sky, bored and tired. I was left inside my apartment. I suddenly caught attention of a strange shadow appearing at the corner of my room. I rubbed my eyes for quite a moment, and looked at the corner of my room.

The shadow was still there. I slowly walked to my room and looked at the strange figure. It appeared as a shadow of a man, probably twenty-six years of age. As I looked through its body, I noticed his hands were long, sharp, and pointy at the edges. It was weird seeing something strange. In just a moment, the shadow looked at me.

Staring at me, with its red eyes, and sharp claws, my heart suddenly started beating at its highest level little by little. It suddenly posed in a strange or dramatic pose. It steadily jumped out of my window. Of course it was a shadow, I didn't get close to it. My heart rate was now raising, beat by beat. I called 911, well, as you would expect they wouldn't help me.

They wouldn't believe a mysterious shadow appearing in my room. After that frightening night, I was afraid to sleep in my room. I often sleep on the couch, or at the computer monitor. I was afraid. If it was still there, I didn't want it to know I couldn't afford to move into another apartment.

Well, there was my old apartment. But I hated it there. That's why I moved here. I'm starting to miss my old apartment knowing that there's things I can't explain here. I couldn't endure myself sleeping in that room. Until now, no one believes me...