As a child I was always afraid of the dark, so my father decided to setup a nightlight in my bedroom one day that would sit directly across the room from where I slept in my bed.

I didn't really understand how this would help me as I always wished I could be in the light, not away from it. But none the less my father thought this was the best solution. As I got older my fear of the dark faded and I began to... 'mature'... I eventually got to the age where I could attend a university and move into their dorm rooms. As I settled in, my first time living by myself, I was quite happy that I got a private dorm with no room mates. I thought of all the possibilities of having such luxuries. But after I unpacked and got everything sorted, it grew darker.

I slowly got ready for bed as I always do, brushed my teeth, locked the doors, changed my clothes, the usual. When I finally got into bed and turned the lights off, something happened. As the room got silent, I could faintly hear a scratching, it started to bother me as I got up, turned on the light and listened again. I couldn't hear it. I shrugged it off, turned off the light and got back into bed. I heard it again, scratching...

I began to get annoyed at this and merely put the blanket over my head to lessen the sound, and hopefully it wouldn't bother me anymore. It stopped as I did this and I began to drift off.

A few hours passed...

I awoke in the middle of the night, by what I didn't know, I merely woke up and began to look around my room, when I finally realized I was doing this, I fell back onto my bed and tried to fall asleep when I heard a whisper in my room, very close to me...

"You should be afraid..."

I immediately awoke searching my room, seeing a small figure at the edge of my bed, its eyes just peering over the frame of the bed. I couldn't move, all I could do was stare. It smiled at me as it ducked its head and I heard footsteps running, pounding hard on the wood floor. I could move again as I brung my body up onto the bed, afraid to touch the floor and not being able to tell where the thing went. I merely sat there the entire night without going to sleep... as morning approached, I gathered the courage to get up and quickly grab my bat that was in the closet. 

I checked the entire dorm room, but I didn't find anything. As I checked the front door, the lock had broken as well. I moved out of the dorm and back to my father's house.

To this very night, I still fear the dark.