There is a story not often told, concerning a woman who appears to the lonely and depressed.

Her name, or as close as she'll ever get to one, is Sewnhands. She is so called because, as you might imagine, her hands are neatly sewn together with fine black thread.

Those who have seen her have said it appears as if she's praying, though her lips and eyes are similarly sealed so no prayer can be heard... there is only only quiet, throaty mumbling.

Her hair and skin are said to be the same general color; a yellowish tan. Her dress is tattered and soiled, though it is thought this was once a wedding gown. Some speculate further, supposing she was murdered on her wedding night by a fallen Priest who was forced to marry her after their sin was discovered.

He sewed her eyes closed so she wouldn't see the creatures of Hell.

He sewed her mouth closed so that she would never scream in agony when put to the flames.

He sewed her hands together in prayer so that she might one day be forgiven.

Still, that is only the opinion of the few. What is not up for debate, however, is the method by which she kills her victims.

Not many would feel threatened by her... a frail and skeletal woman with sickly flesh and hands clasped before her as if pleading for help. Perhaps that is why folks have let her get close to them - too close.

When Sewnhands finds a kind soul who will approach her, that is when the black thread unwinds itself and her palms begin to part.

Taking your helpful hands in hers, she will whimper and coo sadly. Only at this point will you see her face... as you feel the threads squirming beneath your own flesh.

Now, you are united, clasping hands in a bond that cannot be broken. She will then dance with you, spinning and twirling as the two of you remain joined at the fingers, thumbs, and palms.

She'll dance with you, spiraling off into the woods, until you drop dead from exhaustion.

No one who believes in the Priest's betrayal can really blame Sewnhands.

She can't see that you aren't her husband.

Credited to Slimebeast
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