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A few days after my grandparents passed away, I began digging through some of the things they left behind. I was almost finished with the boxes, but something caught my eye. It was a little book, with a leather cover and a tiny piece of thin leather attached to it. I began to read it, and here is what I found, in the exact words:

February 15th, 1887

I received a strange letter today. It stated that it was from someone named Mary, and according to the letter, she wanted me to meet her. I thought it was a little strange, so I sent another letter to her, asking why. Not long after, I received yet another letter. This one said that she needed someone to help her with research about the human body. Tomorrow I will go meet with her. There, she will give me more details, and I will decide whether or not I want to help.

February 17th, 1887

I didn't have time to write yesterday. After reading that letter, I had already decided I would help this Mary. But I wanted to hear more, and so she told me her plans. As soon as I said "yes", she took me to her house and we began the research. Basically, my role was to bring her people. I did my job, but only after asking her reason for wanting all these people. Every person I brought to her were taken to the basement, and I was left to find others that she needed.

March 2nd 1887

I couldn't even sit down for a rest, there were so many people to take. When I would finally have down time, she would always need something from outside. I am writing this on my way back to her house. We're practically living together now. I think, after some time, I will move in with her. I will give it a few days, and then I'll ask her. I hope she'll agree to it. On my way out of the house, I thought I heard a scream. Startled, I began to walk back, but Mary screamed at me to hurry and finish my errands in town. I don't know why, but I am going back as fast as I can. I can see the house now. Something is a little off about this house, but I can't put my finger on it. I've noticed that it's pretty far away from the nearest town, which is strange since Mary needs things from town so often. It gets tiring walking back and forth to run errands and get people for Mary, but what can I do?

March 15th 1887

Mary agreed to let me live with her. Because of this, she told me more about what kind of research she's doing on the human body. I have to admit, it was a little disturbing. I'm also worried about what I saw the other day. She let me sit in on one of her research sessions. They're still alive when she cuts into them...the screams were bone-chilling. I know now why she needed so many medical supplies. The only things keeping me from stopping her, is the fact that the people are nothing but rapists, murderers...undesirables. They deserve this, the torture they're receiving. This is their atonement for their sins...

March 25th 1887

I think I may be going crazy. The other day, while helping Mary with her experiments, I thought I heard a growl. I asked Mary if she heard it, but she said "No, I think you just need some rest, go take some sleep." I agreed for the sake of an argument, but I'm sure I heard something. I'm starting to see dark shadows everywhere as well. I often find myself drifting into dark thoughts, and when I come to, the shadows are even closer to me. They always seem to disappear, though.

March 30th 1887

The Shadows... they almost engulfed me... and... I saw a monster. It was made from the parts of the people I brought her. It almost caught me. I told Mary about the Shadows, but she didn't listen. She just said I should get more sleep. She knows something, I can feel it. She denies it, but I know... 

April 3rd 1887

Mary, she... she almost killed me. I went to sleep yesterday, but when I woke up, I was strapped to the chair in the basement. Mary came closer to me. She sat in the chair right in front of me with a sad look on her face. But that soon turned into a maniacal smile. She told me about The Shadows, about how long ago, she made a deal with a man. She wanted to find love, he wanted a soul. She found love, and he found a soul. But soon, the same man took the love away from her. His soul was found. So she decided to create herself a new lover, with the pieces of the people she had cut apart. That is when I saw the cage behind her. The same one I had seen in my dreams and darkest thoughts. It had become a reality. Or maybe it was a memory. It ignored me, until I screamed. And when it turned to me, I saw it was blind. It had no eyes.

Mary told me it needed eyes, and that mine were perfect. She turned back to get a scalpel, but the creature broke free, angered by my screams. It leapt upon her, shredding her with inhuman fingernails, searching for her eyes. With an adrenaline rush, I snapped the bindings that held me. When I looked up, the creature had found Mary's eyes and taken them for its own. As I ran away, it yelled after me in garbled speech, "I will get you! If not today, then tomorrow! I will search for however many years or generations it takes! I will have you!" Today, I know I cursed my family. I darkened my heart, and my soul no longer exists. I am truly sorry, for no matter what, as long as my blood runs in your veins, it will hunt you down. And it will find you.

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