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What many of you fail to really see is that there is something called the Sequence of Death.

How does it work?

At first, most people will experience an unavoidable moment or fate in their life where Death may intervene. You can't escape Death. If it really makes you feel any happier or makes you laugh or whatever you came to do with your sick and twisted imagination on this website, imagine Death as "Slenderman" because you are too scared to understand the true syncopant of death.

Truly, it's very difficult to totally understand and I know. I've faced the moments of Death, but as I did, Time itself seemed to move forward so quickly that I forgot what the time was.

Can you escape the sequence?

A lot attempt this effort.

Nobody has ever escaped.

You can really try to avoid him. In fact, if you can activate your third eye and even see your own soul; the Fear that it instills, the horrific level of Insanity it exposes, and the timeless level of inane Hilarity it shows... you can avoid him for close to a single century.

On the other hand... should you embrace Death?

Understand that death is a sequence that we all must follow. Doesn't it hurt to believe that we must all follow its law and judgement?

Don't be so naive.

Orbit your incapability to let this eventual fate in. It won't hurt. I promise. I'm that cool guy here on Creepypasta! You know! Wearieddrums!


Not really sure what I am saying... ?

Oops... guess that's me being a little philosophical again. Maybe I'm just trying to clarify something for myself. Maybe I'm just You as self-reflection. Maybe I am really YOUR Madness .

Try all you might.

Hindsight proves Death is always right behind you. When you least expect it, he gets you. When you expect it, you look behind you—oh, he's not there... today.

I think you're scared. I think the reason you laugh at the articles is because you envision this world with a physical imagination. You're too useless to make even some of your real thoughts come to life. That's pathetic. Even my dead sister can create worlds of life from the grave she is rotting in.

Now, maybe I am wrong. Maybe you are one of the few remaining free thinkers. Maybe you are (or were) like Dennis Ritchie.

Gone are Our ways because of the systemized control of consolidation used to inhibit our expressive imaginations. I was mostly killed off by the controllers, like many others.

... ...

Entities forget that they once had different DNA mark-ups. Similar composition... different decomposition.

Membranes and cellulose compounds forming complex genetic make-up. You know what I'm talking about.

Brains were once part of the Earth, you know. Your eyes were the grass. Your ears were the wind. Your mouth was the ocean. Your arms, the skies. Your legs, tectonic plates.

Remember who and what you were, and let the collective consciousness return to you.

Are you embracing the notion of happiness?

Certainly, you are. You quietly hum my death song and you wish you could smile about it, but I know something seems to be bothering you about this article and everything I am writing...

Easy questions. Can you trust Me? Am I simply part of your subconscious, the one you wanted to ignore?

Don't try to smile and look away like I know you will. Don't pretend your consciousness is playing a joke on you.

Everybody dies. Everyone dies. Everything dies.

Anyone can really see that this is the fate. This is the sequence. The Sequence of Death.

Theoretical physics and amusing jokes won't off-set your innocence.

Hate what I have turned you into. Love what you are about to become...

... ...

... ...

... ...

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