I have found the meaning of life.

The meaning of life is to be superior. Among billions upon billions of men, women, and children, there are people who are gifted. They are given the gift from God himself, to be talented physically, mentally, and emotionally. Those who have that gift excel within human history, and have been known to do incredible, unthinkable things. Take those who have represented their countries in the Olympics, those who made advancements in technology, those who never gave up.

And there are those who are useless.

Out of an entire ocean of strange, murky liquids, there is a lot of garbage. And I mean a lot of garbage. They are the people that don't matter in our world. These people can contribute nothing, doing tasks that any functioning body could do. For almost nothing, they get the goods that they need. Their jobs take minimal effort, and minimal skill.

Our Earth doesn't have infinite resources.

Take the knowledge I have just given you. Between the prodigies and the dumb-asses, who takes these limited, indispensable resources?


And here, the system is flawed. Why should they get the food, money, and shelter? They sit around all day, wiping the floors or taking out trash, or making useless junk. And then they whine and complain about their low pay. "Look at me, I have a family, give me money! I have children to feed! I didn't know I had to work for them!" I work my ass off from seven a.m. to eleven a.m. every single day in an office with annoying co-workers, whittling my brain into dust, and look at some janitor at a school or something. They sit down, drool for half an hour, and then scrub the floors. My children can do that! My wife does that and she doesn't complain about not getting paid! That's because as a part of society, it has always been a responsibility to clean up after ourselves, And yet, some lazy bum asks to get paid for a task so simple!

And don't get me started on people who make these unwanted pieces of trash they call "art". It disgusts me to see people waste their time on rubbish because they have nothing better to do. Instead of a technology to innovate life, here's a multicolored sweater!

Enough with the rant, here's what I'm trying to get through your thick skull. People like me, people who work deserve what we get from our work. We put in our time, our effort, our God's gift into making the world more advanced. These untalented scums of society do not deserve of such luxuries.

They do not deserve the life that they were given from God.

You know what the meaning of life is?

Anyone lower than me.

Doesn't deserve the world.

They only deserve the taste of hard, cold concrete.