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Bella and John loved the arts. Everything from literature to painting to dancing and singing.

Their daughter Jessie was four.

When Jessie turned five her mother printed out a picture of the famous painting “The scream“ by Edvard Munch. She put it in a black frame and hung it in her daughter's room, on the wall that’s opposite to her bed.

Jessie didn’t like it… the painting scared her, especially at night when she’s alone in her room in the middle of the darkness.

But she didn’t want to hurt her mother’s feelings so she didn’t say anything about it.

This continuous state of fear the girl lived in led her to slowly losing her sanity.

As the years passed her parents relationship began to change. They went from the cute couple, crazy in love to two strangers that would probably run away from each other if it wasn’t for their daughter. Yet Jessie always blamed herself for her parents constant fighting. On her fifteenth birthday her father shot her mother in front of her!

Jessie ran to her room and locked the door knowing that her father also planned on killing her. She moved her bed to block the door with it but as she was moving it, she felt excruciating pain run through her body. She fell down on the floor and started crying while her dad was trying to break her door.

Her body was changing!!! She was becoming taller and thinner, her whole body turned black except for her neck, head and hands they were turning yellow! The shape of her mouth and eyes also changed! The mouth became oval as if she was screaming and her eyes became complete circles. Her fingers grew longer and thinner. Her hair seemed to be burning until there was nothing covering her head.

She got up and looked in the mirror, she looked so awful she put her hands on her cheeks and screamed!

The scream was so high her dad’s ears started bleeding, and as he finally broke the door the scream grew higher and higher.

It was so high the father’s skull started cracking, he fell on to the bed with pain. His skull then cracked completely.

He died.

When Jessie looked up she saw her mom standing in front of her. The bullet merely made her faint.

Jessie felt happy, her mother isn’t dead but she noticed the look on her face and watched her as she died. The scream also killed her.

Jessie went out of her house. When the police arrived they found that not only her parents died, everyone in the building was killed by the girl’s scream!

Jessie ran away. She was never caught, and each city she went to she murdered the residents of entire buildings with her screams.

The media named her the scream, but not only because of her deadly screams but because her new face resembled the character from the famous painting “the scream” way too much.

Written by Mada El-Horr
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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