One day I was alone in the house with my younger brother, my dog was downstairs in his pen all alone like usual. It was a typical day and nothing was out of the norm.

I was sitting in my maroon chair in the corner of the livingroom when I heard a sound coming from the basement door. I figured that my dog had gotten loose from his pen and wanted into the house. So I got up and headed toward the door to open it.

As I got closer to the door the scratching got louder and louder and sounded more violent. The noise was coming from the top of the basement door. 

Suddenly, my dog started barking frantically as if he was terrified of something. I realized that my dog couldn't have been the one scratching at the door, he was just a chihuahua and was too small to reach his paws to the top of the door. 

I stepped away from the doorway terrified, my dog started to sound like he was going to die of a heart attack because of how terrified his barking sounded. 

Suddenly as I stepped back away from the door, the scratching noises at the door got louder and more violent. I could hear what sounded like a woman screaming in pure anguish. My dog had stopped barking.

The screaming got more intense and the lights in the house and the TV flickered on and off. 

Suddenly after what seemed like an hour, the screaming stopped and the lights and TV completely turned off. I went to turn the light back on after I got settled and it wouldn't turned on. 

I stopped trying and sat in the far corner of my livingroom too scared to go downstairs and get my dog. In fact I was so scared that I had to get someone to go downstairs and check on my dog.

When she brought my dog upstairs, it was trembling with fear and whimpered and whined. When she gave him to me he climbed on to my shoulder he instantly clung onto it. 

After that day, neither me or my dog ever went downstairs ever again.