Everyone has a fear, right? A fear of the dark is common. The fear of the dark is definitely a chilling feeling. No noises, nothing seen. You can reach out to feel what is inside the darkness, but nothing is felt. You can't see what the darkness holds. That's why people fear it.

What if there is a being that lurks in the darkness? Not the shadows where it is partially seen. Not in the moonlight at night. In pure, black darkness. The type where you cannot see your own quivering hand in front of your face.

Who sleeps in darkness? We all do. Even if its partial, everyone sleeps in the shadows. What's in your closet though? Pure darkness. Cold, unforgiving darkness.

What if the being, well, thing, refuses to go out into the light? Maybe it sits in the darkness, waiting. Watching.

Are all your lights on? Turn around. Check. What about under your bed? Are there lights under there? How about in your bathroom, or yet again, your closet. Where are the lights? Let the light in and it might be gone.

If you sleep in complete darkness, have you ever been woken up by the feeling you were being watched? You look around, you can't see anything watching, so you go back to sleep. You never looked hard enough. Has it been sitting there, watching you while you slept?

Sit awake in complete darkness, however, it will wait. Reach your hand out into the darkness. Was that just your furniture you touched, or something else? That wasn't a breath of a creature you heard, it was just the wind, wasn't it?

Everyone fears the dark.

Or rather, whatever is lurking in it.


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