Have you ever stayed up at night, not being able to fall asleep? After a long day of doing, well nothing really, you settle down, get comfy, then you hear a creak. A sound so silent it might very well be your imagination. You freeze, shock going through your body, as another creak is heard, louder this time, though still quiet. Freaked out by the noise, you slowly reach for the air conditioner in your window, and turn it on high. The sound breaks through the silence, instantly comforting you. You lie back down, head sinking into the pillow, and pull the blanket up to your chin. You start to drift off, but faintly see something move in the darkness. Your door.

You sit up and stare at the door, and suddenly your AC dies, slowly silencing to a dull moan. From the corner of your eye, you see something, something darker than the dark room you're in. A man, black and shadowed, head cocked to side. Though it has no eyes, you can tell it's staring at you. The room goes cold, and the silence buzzes in your head. No, it's not the silence, it's the sound of your dresser, vibrating wildly, as well as everything in your room. You lie back down and force your eyes shut, screaming in your mind, demanding yourself to fall asleep. The sounds stop, the room warms again, and the AC comes back on. 

Relieved, you roll over sighing and open your eyes to two dark ones staring into your own. The shadow, crouching right next to your bed, each breath icy cold, each one colder than the last. It blinks, and a black line where its mouth should be stretches from ear to ear, grinning with dark, unseen teeth. And though it has no mouth, the shadow speaks.

"Well hello there," he says in a low but shrill, gargled voice, "I thought you were still asleep."

He screams a loud, piercing banshee scream; blackness covers your eyes as the room swallows itself into darkness, consuming you into its embrace. The sounds stop, and so does everything else.