I just want to start off by saying that I was scared of these things as a kid. Everybody in my city knew about them. They're called the scare-crew. There a big group of malevolent entities that are usually sighted In northeast Indiana. Farmers in their cornfields usually see them.

I'll tell you the story about them. In the 1600s, when the French began to settle in Indiana, the Native Americans always told stories about a group of tall spirits that would hide in big fields and stalk hunters at night.

Usually, the hunters would go missing for months on end. They would usually turn up alive but would die of unknown causes the next day. The French got curious and examined one of the victims. Upon examination they found that the victims had no hearts. Their hearts got ripped out. What really got them confused was that there were no cut marks on the skin.

That means that the heart could not have gotten ripped out. It was not very long after this started happening to the French. Since then there have been unusual disappearances throughout northeast Indiana. If you live in this area, watch out for a group of tall figures. They might just get you.