I woke up on a Saturday morning. The cool air from the A/C had made it rather chilly in the room. My parents liked to keep the temperature in the house lower than most families, especially since it was summer. I noticed that I was in a rather good mood today, which was rather rare for someone like me.


I went downstairs and into the living room. I saw that my little brother had beat me to the television. He was sitting in the middle of the floor, up close to the screen in the typical Saturday morning fashion. He was faced away from view, watching cartoons. I called his name to say, "Good morning," but he didn't respond. He was too absorbed in the cartoon he was watching, to even notice my presence. I smiled and decided since I was in a good mood, to go and make breakfast for us. 

After I had made breakfast, I put both plates onto the table and went into the living room to get my brother. He was still absorbed in watching cartoons. I rolled my eyes, then I noticed that the television was now airing commercials, and I knew for a fact my brother never watches commercials. I tapped on his shoulder and got no response. I went in front of his view of the television to get his attention.

I saw something that sent numbing chills down my spine in complete terror. My brother's eyes were sunken in deep and surrounded in thick, dark circles. His skin was very pale and ghastly. His eyelids were sewn open and his eyes were glassed over. A little bit of blood dripped from his mouth. He was impaled by a spear from the bottom of his stomach, going through his torso.

The spear had him put in a sitting position.