Grave stone angel by vampiko

It stared at the unbaptized infants with empty eyes.

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Every third Saturday of June, the head priest of a church steals an unbaptized infant,but only male infants. He lays them at the feet of a statue behind his church; the statue is of a beautiful angel, quite harmless it would seem. It is, after all, just a statue.

However, the head priest fears the statue, greatly. He had been damned to watch over the statue, and commit the awful act of sacrificing innocent baby boys. He cries over this horrible fate daily, but what is he supposed to do? He could not keep his hands off of the poor choir boys; he could not keep it undiscovered by the devil either.

The priest lacked faith. All he wanted was the young boys: Inviting them to confess privately, convincing them that secrets were what kept them close to faith.

One Saturday in June, the third Saturday to be specific, the priest decided that his crimes were not worth the lives of unbaptized infants. He approached the statue with a crucifix, confronting it. The statue, usually motionless, blinked its stone eyes and its cold face began to scowl.

"What do you think you are doing man? You need faith to defeat a demon, not a stick, and faith is what you lack the most," said the angel.

"I have faith in defeating you!" shouted the priest back.

The stone angel laughed coldly and stepped off of the marble pedestal; the priest fell backwards, frightened that the statue he had served, could move. Now he realized why his heart beat fast with fear whenever he would walk into the back of the church.

The angel chuckled again, "Son, you have served me well. I give you something that you always want. A young boy, laid at your feet, at your disposal. Never to speak your secrets to anyone."

As the statue's freezing hand touched the sweating priest, he did not know whether to be scared or excited. His body fell to the ground. A soulless husk.

Every third Saturday in June, the priest is presented with an unbaptized infant boy. Laid at his feet, on his marble pedestal.