If you are ever walking alone at some place that a murder had occurred between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., you may come across a tall figure wearing black robes, which completely cover its body.

If you see this figure, you are in serious danger. It will speak to you in your native language.

"I am Samael, the son of many but without kin. I exist within the wicked-minded and the deceased."

At this stage, you have four options. You can run away as fast as possible without looking back, take refuge in any religious center and wait inside until dawn, close your eyes and chant any non-pagan prayer or hymn, or insult the figure by calling it a mortal.

If you choose the second or third option, which are your most likely chances for survival, the figure will remove its robes. Underneath the robes is a twisted, mangled creature who resembles a human corpse. Its appearance alone has driven many sane men to madness. Grinning, it will slowly start walking towards you.

You must run as fast as you can in the opposite direction without looking back. You will begin to hear the running footsteps of hundreds of blood-thirsty beasts only seconds behind you.

Do not stop if you are running through what was once a populated area; there will be no people as you are no longer in this dimension. Keep on running until the footsteps grow too quiet to hear. You are now safe to return home.

When you return home, if the door is open you must never enter. Consider moving towns. If the door is shut, then you are safe and may enter.

If you are again greeted with the figure when you enter, find the quickest possible way to kill yourself.