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Semi-Self Aware Weaponry (SSAW) Project Code Flight

{ } These brackets may signify a shortened sentence, simplified text, or classified information

Date: July 15, {XXXX}

Project Code: Flight

Head of Project: Doctor Alpah Results: Further research required

Casualties: 47, all test subjects

Project Length: 28 Days

Weapon Usage: FORBIDDEN

Project Description:

The first fully funded research project on Semi-Self Aware Weaponry, Project Flight is a {Semi Self-aware mass acceleration system of air particles} All test subjects were unrecognizable as humanoid.

Project Notes {Dr. Alpah}:

Well, after almost a month, project Flight turned up a dead end. The project was quite effective on the test subjects, but once we released the gas, we had no way to recapture it, so we had to {XXXXXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXXX} to kill the brain of project flight. This happened every single time, as it is self-aware, it resists a vacuum, so we can create a vacuum to retrieve the {XXXXX XXXXX XX XXXXXXX}. Seriously, why was the first project Self Aware Air? The test results on the subjects were very satisfactory from a weaponry standpoint, one of them even vanished! Until we found out that he had been torn apart so violently and quickly, that there wasn't enough time for blood to escape his body. Project {XXXXX} is currently underway.


Destroyed until further notice

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