Sarah awoke with a yawn to the sound of rain tapping on the window. Lazily getting up, she stumbled to the window. Outside, she could just barely see the figure of a man scrunched over in the barn.

"Dad's home early," she moaned as she shuffled to the door. Unlocking her door, it opened with a creak. She noticed that the knob on the other side of the door had an odd, flaky, rust-like material on the side. Weird, she thought.

Nearly slipping as she stepped into the kitchen, Sarah fell against the counter. Looking up, she noticed the door was open. "Dad? You left the door open," she said as she carefully navigated through the kitchen and examined the door. It has that rust stuff on the knob too, she thought as she slid on her tennis shoes and stepped outside and began to tread slowly to the barn.

"Dad?" As Sarah drew closer, she noticed that she could no longer see him. Trembling a little, she began to accelerate towards the barn. She was paralyzed with fear when she walked in. Chickens we're scattered around the barn. Nothing more than a beheaded, disfigured, bloody lump of feathers and guts.

Holding her mouth, Sarah tried hard not to puke. Only now did it occur to her that the entire barn was covered in that rusty material. Not knowing what do and panicking, she ran out of the barn and back to the house. Pushing aside the door, She slid across the floor, falling against the counter head first.

Disoriented, confused, and (not so much) alone, Sarah looked around the kitchen. Felling the blood trickling down the back of her neck, she slowly got up. Feebly calling for help, she received no answer. Dizzily stumbling down the hall, The walls began to turn into the rust from the floor up around her. She stopped in her tracks, watching as the walls we're consumed by the odd material. As the last inch of the floor was covered, everything shattered like a glass window. Covering her ears as the shards clash to the ground, seeming as if someone was crushing glass in her ear as each one lands. All at once it stops. Sarah look around, no barn, no sheds, no trees, nothing but a platform of glass.

Right in front of her, the rain begins to slide across the glass to stack itself with the rest of the rain. She can do nothing but watch as the figure of a crippled and disfigured man forms from the rain, the rust following closely behind it. The rain stops after a the face is formed. Void completely of expression or emotion, it stares at her, not moving a muscle. Trembling as she slowly extends her hand. Gently touching its face. The face shatters and screeches loudly. All in an instant, Black Widow spiders begin to spill out from its face, as it begins to twitch in an odd fashion.

As soon as the spiders hit the ground, they turn to still-figures that shatter into glass as the thing slowly begins to shift towards her. It holds out its arms, causing the air around us to turn into the rust-like material. She tries to scream, but nothing comes out. It continues to get closer and closer. The rust is all around her. Time seems to almost freeze, as it is now only inches away from Sarah. It grabs her, pouring the spiders onto her body. her vision becomes blurry, She can feel the bites and stings of spiders all over her body before she collapses.

Sarah raises out of the bed panting. She wipes the sweat from her head. She rushes to the door when she hears her dad's car pull up. Quickly unlocking it and stumbling down the hall to her dad, she never saw the rust on the door knob.