You probably don't remember me.

I suppose to somebody like you I'm just like every other service person you've spoken to. We're all... what were the words you used to describe us? Incompetent, stupid and lazy. Never mind the fact that you were clearly in the wrong. Never mind the fact that you were, in fact, the one who was trying to pass off your own mistake as something we did wrong. It was us- all of us- who were incompetent, stupid and lazy.

Here's the best part. You probably wouldn't be as rude to us if you were forced to speak with us face-to-face. But since you can just call on the phone and don't have to see us, you can just rant away and scream because in your eyes we aren't real people. We're toys for your sadistic amusement.

Now, the problem with that mindset is the times when you come across somebody like me. Somebody who can relate to that sentiment. I've talked to many of you customers and in my eyes you aren't real people either. You are all incompetent, stupid, and lazy. For the most part I am able to ignore your colleagues' idiocies as an occupational hazard.

But you went above and beyond into the exceptional. Your last tirade reduced a dear friend of mine to tears. When she lost her head over your abusive comments it was she, not you, who was reprimanded and ultimately let go. She was unable to cope with the stress of having lost her job and was facing foreclosure on her house. Rather than come to me, her friend, when she needed me...

Well, she took what somebody might unfairly deem the "easy way out". Oh I bet you had a good laugh about getting that "rude little bimbo" fired. You and your friends love how you got a free month of service out of your inexcusable actions towards this girl.

Stress can do terrible things to a person. It can change them; unhinge them. That is, undoubtedly, what the shrinks will say has happened to me when all this is said and done. But I prefer to think of it as "poetic justice", or if you will: exceptional customer service.

Do you remember how we verify your name, address and telephone number when we speak with you? Do you remember how you so casually divulge this personal information willingly, because you have nothing to fear. You are the customer. And the customer is always right. And that person on the other end of the line lives so far away from you. Our call center isn't that far away from you. And thanks to your repeated calls I have everything I need to service you as professionally as possible.

I highly recommend you make a few calls tonight.