Stuart's day started bad, very bad - he had overslept and received a phone call from his boss telling him that if he didn't come in immediately he may as well kiss his job goodbye.

Rushing through traffic, Stuart didn't have time to think and almost crashed into another driver coming around a corner, blaring his horn and flashing his lights angrily. Stuart was sure to pull his head out his window and yell before he continued on his way, having to release some of his pent up anger.

Stuart arrived at work and struggled through a very uncomfortable day of being watched like a hawk by his boss, who constantly reminded him of his failures and how he was a "liability" - after what seemed like an entire lifetime, Stuart was finally free... at least until the next day.

Being sure to exit as soon as the clock hit eight, Stuart made his way back to his car and drove off, perhaps at a faster speed than was wise (or legal) but intent on putting this day behind him.

Stuart continued to race down the road until he became aware of a car coming up behind him, flashing its lights angrily and blaring its horn - Stuart tried slowing down to allow the driver past but to his horror the car rammed into the back of his own with a jolt.

Panicking, Stuart looked into the mirror again and noticed the car was identical to the one he had almost crashed into that morning, the lights flashing again as the car rammed into him again.

Stuart picked up the speed and tried to shake the car off but his aggressor continued to pursue. Stuart was so panicked that he never noticed the lights ahead and he turned just in time to see flashing lights as he flew straight into oncoming traffic.

When emergency vehicles arrived they found Stuart laying in the wreckage of his car, despite their best efforts they could not save him as Stuart died of his injuries - it was written up as a tragic accident and nothing more was thought on the matter.

The moral of the story?

Always mind your manners on the road, you never know who - or what - you may be picking a fight with... until it's too late.