Each and every week, I have been hearing my neighbors sing. No, it isn't the kind of song you’re thinking. It was some sort of ritual song. I assumed that they were doing some sort of ritual, since my other “normal” neighbors told me they were devil worshipers.

They've been doing it every night and I can’t sleep. Not until earlier this evening, instead of hearing the songs they’re usually singing, I heard someone scream. I ran to my window, looking out into their house, waiting for my other neighbors to actually check on them. It seemed like only I heard it. I went back to my bed, to sleep, but I couldn't resist finding out what happened. I wore my jacket and went outside.

Something isn't right. It was noticeably cold and the night was darker than usual. I knocked on their front door and no one answered. I tried a couple of times but it still didn't work. I tried opening the door myself and to my surprise, it was open. I had a feeling that someone or something is still there. I walked to the living room, and I almost had a heart attack when I saw this creature eating the corpse of my neighbor. I was so scared I became paralyzed. The blood was everywhere, the creature had skin as dark as the night. The creature still hasn't noticed me yet, as I walked slowly outside, it turned and spotted me. It let out a quiet grunt as I ran back home. I locked all the doors and windows as fast as I could. When I was back in my room, I still felt its presence. It was still there.

For the next few weeks it visited me before I slept. It was slowly poking my window like a clock, ticking every few seconds. I rarely go out at night now. My neighbors told me they were experiencing the same thing. That was a sign that it isn't alone. Every night they knock, and I have grown tired of it. I just hope they’re not in your house…


Written by WeDoNotLive
Content is available under CC BY-SA