Under the painted black sea,
Dreaming and waiting,
The architect, the king of the dreamscape
In the madness of my mind.

I have seen him in my slumber.
The amorphous and innumerable tentacles from his face.
The tattered wings of Beelzebub.
The horrific octopoidal structure.

What horror lies beneath the sea.
Haunted cities of stone
Lying, waiting, dreaming,
For sleep is not eternal.

I have seen it in my dreams,
The rise of the fallen god.
Mountains high, rising from the black sea.
They scream in terror, he is seen from sea to sea.

An ancient terror beneath us.
His immeasurable doom.
Causing only madness.
Terror strikes me.

My dream has ceased,
I look out my window
To see a sea of a cast shadow
Over in the distance.

Risen from his tomb.
The end of times is here.
The death god has awakened
To reign over a thousand years of chaos.

And only madness remains
For he hath reigned before,
And shall reign once more.