I see what you see, I hear what you hear, taste what you taste, and I feel what you feel. You never notice me, but I don't blame you; I am not a significant part of your life. I follow you everywhere you go and have seen all the movies you like. I have seen you in love, and I have seen you heartbroken.

I only come out in the sunlight, but you never notice or care. You really don't mind me following you everywhere you go and staying so close to your back. I am surprised that you don't even feel my breath on your neck. I am bonded to your feet and I take no features. I am just a black shape during the day, occasionally, you can see me on the wall.

I am your darkness manifested and you could say that I am your despair. I am what you see in the mirror, but you never notice. I am attached to you, and I am forced to go everywhere you go. The only time you notice me is when you are alone and you feel something creeping up on you. You can never spot me, though, because I am at your feet and always behind you. Sometimes, I make noises and whispers when I'm bored to give you a fright.

You can say I am what you would be if you were the opposite of what you are now. Look at yourself in the mirror and you will see me. I wear the opposite shirt with the backwards letter. I wish I could jump out and eat you when you turn around facing away from the mirror. I guess one day, when your mind is shattered; I could jump in and take your place. Maybe, when you decide to do some paranormal game like tarot cards or try to contact me, I could jump in and take your place, but rarely does that happen. I am just your shadow, but one day, we will meet face to face, when the heart stops.